metaFox deep pictures

Cards for coaching and reflection

52 image prompts and coaching questions that open minds and hearts. Get your clients, participants or students talking and creative with the deep pictures.

Spread the cards and engage your audience in 3 steps

coaching question


Engage your participants with an icebreaker or reflection question.

coaching card


Your participants select a picture representing their answer.

coaching conversation


Take turns for personal sharing – through the power of pictures.

Choose the best theme for you!

Depending on your context you will different images & questions will resonate with your users. We took this into account and designed various different decks following different approaches, models and theories. 

Follow the links below to discover the deep pictures which work best for you!

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What the users say

The Team Cards “Growing Together” and the Emotion Cards are particularly useful for my work with teens. This is because their combination of images on one side and questions on the other offer a direct entry into deeper conversation. The images and questions allow the youngsters to compare their perception of themselves with how others perceive them – which triggers thoughts, discussion and self-reflection. The cards also work really well for uniting a group.


I got myself a set of Deep Pictures for the 30th edition of BEST’s Trainer Camp, on which a new generation of soft-skill trainers was raised. Over 12 days, we were able to use the cards in all sorts of situations, be it in training sessions for reflecting upon experiences, for retrospectives at the end of each day or for stimulating thoughts during individual coaching. The highlight for our participants was, of course, that at the end of the event everyone could take home a card with the personal greetings of the remaining participants.

Soft Skills Trainer at BEST

In systemic counseling, a lot of emphasis is placed on acting and doing – the client does not lie “on the couch” and has to put his innermost feelings into words, but rather an attempt is made to use vivid methods to understand the client’s problems and subconscious inner images in a different and new way, perhaps from a different perspective.  The expressive picture cards of metafox offer many application possibilities for this.

Eveyln Koch
Freelance systemic coach

A card deck with 52 inpsiring prompts

Spark deep conversation...

At the first glance, they look like a postcard. At the second glance, the metaFox deep pictures provide a useful tool for coachers, trainers, educators, therapists and simply anyone striving for meaningful reflection and deep conversation.​

Application 1

...with powerful images...

The deep pictures come in boxes of 52 picture cards. Their front side will present you with carefully curated images, offering you metaphors and associations to connect with experience as well as entry points to conversation.​

...and meaningful questions.

When turning your card, you will face a coaching question, fitting the image's topic, as an invitation to take your reflection even deeper. Discuss in a group, write your answer on your card and make it your anchor and reminder.​


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Human connection made easy

For personal reflection

Where do I want to go? What will the new year bring? And how do I want to spend my time? These and other questions can help you build the life you want. The deep pictures use beautiful images and thought-provoking questions that stimulate deep reflection and meaningful change.
  • Get a weekly inspiration dose by reflecting on one image and one question per week.
  • Build your own vision board with uplifting image and stimulating questions.
  • Spend quality time together with your family and friends and share dreams, concerns and gratitude.

For coaching

In coaching processes, it is important to use a variety of triggers in order to tap into your coachee’s inner insightfulness and creativity. The deep pictures can facilitate this process.
  • Find personal strengths, honest support and define clear processes.
  • Diminish inner resistance by using meaningful images.
  • Develop multiple solution strategies that are effective.

For workshops and groups

Groups and teams often experience very complex processes. The deep pictures are a carefully designed trigger to make the invisible visible, the implicit explicit, change dynamics and improve interaction among team members. Use the deep pictures during soft skill training, in team meetings or professional coaching as:
  • An ice-breaker for an event and conversation starter.
  • An opening for conflict solving discussions.
  • A parting token at the end of a seminar or training.
  • A prompt for clarifying emotions and needs in critical situations.

For human connection

The deep pictures are postcards with depth. They are a space for your thoughts, a microphone for your voice. Send one card a week for one year to your loved ones and make thoughtful greetings a habit.
  • For friends, family and the important people in your life.
  • For a more genuine, interpersonal communication.
  • For an empathic exchange.

Meet the artists behind metaFox Deep Pictures

The deep pictures are co-created by a huge variety of photographers and artists. Check out their work!

Aaron Burden, Adam Fossier, Ahmed Carter, Alex, Alexander Andrews, Alex Iby, Alex Wise, Amaury Salas, Ana Juma, Aron Visuals, Andrea Enriquez-Cousino, Anton Sulsky, Ben White, Brooke Lark, Bud Helisson, Caroline Selfors, Casey Horner, Cedric Klei, Cloudvisual, Danielle Macinne, Dark Rider, Dawid Zawila, Dyaa Eldin, Eduardo Mallmann, Elijah O’Donell, Dan Grinwis, Hailie Oh, Ian Dooley, Jannes Glas, Jason Leung, Jeremy Bishop, Jonathan Petersson, Kevin Ku, Kunj Parekh, Kyle Glenn, Leio McLaren, Linus Nylund, Louis Maniquet, Luis Alfonso Orellana, Marvin Meyer, Matt Duncan, Max Larochelle, Mohamed Nohassi, Nathan Dumlao, Nick Fewings, Oscar Blair, Rosie Kerr, Sam Beasley, Sarah Sharp, Štefan Štefančík, Tobias Weghorn, Trevor Cole, Valentin Antonucci, Alejandra Quiroz, Austin Ban, Ameen Fahmy, Anastasia Petrova, Bernard Hermant, Burst, Chinh Le Duc, Chris Lawton, Christopher Campbell, ChuttersnapCristian NewmanDaniel Cheung, Daniel Watson, Diego Jimenez, Dmitry Ratushny, Dylan Nolte, Ellehem, Elliott Chau, Emilio Garcia, Everton Vila, Evgeni Tcherkasski, Ewelina Karezona Karbowiak, Felix Prado, George Becker, Giancarlo Revolledo, giselaatje, Giuseppe Murabito, Greg Rakozy, Hidde Rensink, James Pond, Jason Leung, Jason Rosewell, Jean Beaufort, Jeremy Thomas, Josh Calabrese, Joshua Earle, Joshua Hibbert, Jukan Tateisi, Kazu Photos, Kazuend, Khara Woods, Kristina Flour, Lisa Fotios, Luca Iaconelli, Margarida Csilva, Matthew Henry, Mathias Reed, Mayur Gala, Mike Giles, Milan Seitler, NASA, One Idea LLC, Pineapple Supply, Radek Grzybowski, Rhondak, Ridham Nagralawala, Sam Manns, Scott Webb, Senjuti Kundu, Shane Rounce, sasint, Sidharth Bhatia, Simon Matzinger, Tabea Damm, Todd Quackenbush, Tyler Nix, Val Vesa, Vincentiu Solomon, Vikram Mudaliar, Vincent van Zalinge, Warren Wong, Yiran Ding, Ylanite Koppens, Zach Lucero, Anna Tukhfatullina, Chester Alvarez, Cristina Cerda, Daiga Ellaby, Daniel Funes Fuentes, Danielle Macinne, Dawid Zawila, Deanna Ritchie, Debora Cardenas, Elaine Casap, Emma Simpson, Esteban Lopez, Eugenio Mazzone, Evelyn Paris, Gianandrea Villa, Guille Pozzi, Harli Marten, Hartmut Tobies, Ian Baldwin, Icons8, James Douglas, Jan Schulz, Javardh, Job Mario, Jonas Vincent, Jonatan Pie, Jon Tyson, Kalle Kortelainen, Maksim ShutovMarcel GnaukMarko Blažević, Marko Pekic, Markus Spiske, Megan Thomas, Mehrdad Haghighi, Mihai Surdu, N., Noah Siliman, Robert Wiedemann, Serkan Turk, Swapnil Dwivedi, Tim Mossholder, TK Hammonds, Vladimir Kudinov, Wesley Caribe.