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Free shipping for orders worth above 50€!

The Habit Tracker

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metaFox Habit Tracker

You have the power to change the course of your life by doing a positive habit regularly. Every day you are evolving, and you should be reminded of how hard you are trying and how much you are growing. Drop your excuses, start committing to healthy habits, and stick to it. (Re)create your life in a world of uncertainty and meet the better version of yourself a year after!

The metaFox Habit Tracker is your companion in living your everyday life as you would love to. It helps set your focus and cultivate a life in balance through building habits from the four categories of CareConnectCreate and Chill.

Building a focused and balanced life

he Habit Tracker can help you achieve a focused and balanced life by encouraging you to build good habits in the key areas of your life.


Focus on YOU. To love and take good care of yourself.


Focus on PEOPLE. To nurture relationships and connect with important people in your life.


Focus on WORK. To refine your skills and create things you’re passionate about.


Focus on BEING. To allow yourself to just be and give rest to your soul.