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deep pictures Compact Coaching Picture Cards (7x11cm)

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The Compact Coaching Picture Cards are perfect as conversation starters or visual prompts in coaching. With a compact size of 7x11cm the cards are ideal for use with small groups or in one-on-one therapy or coaching. The rounded corners of the compact version make this card type highly durable.

✔ Beautiful images relating to group dynamics
✔ High-quality and durable coaching cards with rounded corners for multiple reuse
✔ Leaflet with suggestions on how to use the cards

Team building, workshops, group coaching, group therapy, conflict resolution in organizations, leadership training, seminar, icebreaker, soft skills training

Package Contents

  • 52 coaching cards made from 400gsm paper with glossy coating on both sides
  • Leaflet with method in 4 languages (EN, DE, FR, and ES)
  • Sturdy and compact box that is travel friendly and keeps your cards safely stored

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