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Coaching Cards "My Purpose" for Finding Purpose and Career Design

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The "My Purpose" cards serve as a tool in career coaching, meaning coaching and therapeutic contexts. They help clients to discover and name their personal meaning. The concept of the card set is based on the integration of the "Genius Concept" by Dick Richards and the "3 Paths to Meaning" Model by Viktor E. Frankl. The cards are divided into three categories: "love & live", "create & do" and "be & believe". They can help your clients to understand what they want, what they are passionate about and what they believe in.

✔ Life coaching cards to recognize and embrace meaningful guiding principles that bring new meaning and fulfillment to different areas of life.

✔ 60 powerful statements and images that inspire association and express deep emotions that support self-reflection and personal growth.

✔ Multifunctional for use as coaching, therapy or motivational cards. The cards support having conversations with clients about living with purpose and discovering the meaning of life.

✔ Career design cards with meta-competencies that clients can use to sharpen their desired job profile.

For: Life coaching, career coaching, logotherapy

    Content of "Print" Variant:
    • 60 cards printed on durable 350gsm art paper with matte lamination on both sides
    • Booklet with 36 pages including background on Purpose, Genius Concept and Victor Frankl's Paths to Meaning and collection of coaching methods
    • Sturdy and compact box for portability and ease of use during coaching sessions
    Content of "Digital" Variant:
    • Booklet PDF (A4) including background on Purpose, Genius Concept and Victor Frankl's Paths to Meaning and collection of coaching methods
    • Full printable card set as PDF (A4) for easy two-sided printing and easily cutting them into a 7x11cm format
    • Purpose Definitions PDF (A4) with explanation of all included 2-word purpose statements
    • 60 picture card files as JPG for digital whiteboard use (e.g. Miro, Mural, Conceptboard)
    • 60 statement card files as JPG for digital whiteboard use (e.g. Miro, Mural, Conceptboard)

    What users says

    I use the 'My Purpose' cards as part of my online coaching sessions focussing on professional reorientation. We use them to work out the client's WHY in order to incorporate this into their professional reorientation.

    In contrast to the storytelling method that I have used in the past, the cards help you to reach your goal more quickly and playfully. I have the impression that both I as a coach and my clients find it easier to find and formulate the why or the essence. The combination of language with images is suitable for very different personality types. I have already achieved very good results with the cards.

    The cards are accompanied by a small booklet with instructions on how to use the cards. I would have liked a more detailed description of how to work with the cards.

    Overall, I can highly recommend the cards and will be happy to use them for further coaching sessions.

    Annette Lampe

    Coach for Career Development