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Practice: Insights to coaching practice

Delve into a world of expert tips, thought-provoking interviews, and practical advice from seasoned professionals. Whether you're a seasoned coach or a fresh face in the field, we've got something to nurture your growth and enhance your coaching prowess.

Practice: Insights to coaching practice

  • People Looking at the Sunset

    “Build your own coaching tool” - the history of the deep pictures "Berg & Macher Edition"

    Creating your own coaching tool is a direct pathway to customizing your practice, exemplified by professionals like Berg & Macher who designed their unique coaching cards with metaFox. This collaborative process ensures the final product aligns perfectly with your coaching goals and meets your clients' needs. Discover how to transform your vision into reality, enhancing your practice with tools that resonate deeply with both you and your clients.
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  • Unleashing Authentic Leadership: The Inner Journey of Personal Growth and Impact

    Unleashing Authentic Leadership: The Inner Journey of Personal Growth and Impact

    In this blog post, we explore the journey of leadership development and the importance of looking inward and developing leadership skills from the inside out. We discuss self-driven development and the sweet spot model, leading with authenticity and connectivity, and the role of strengths coaching in empowering leaders. We also highlight how you can enhance your coaching practice with metaFox's Strengths Coaching Cards - Stronger You, providing practical examples of how to incorporate these cards into your coaching sessions, team workshops, and leadership development programs. Embrace these principles and help your clients become impactful and authentic leaders.
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