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Purpose Statements for your coaching work

The metaFox 'My Purpose' cards by Dr. Martina Nohl help to circle the "why" and "what for" in a person's life. But even if you don't have the card set (yet), you can use the concept!

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Get access to the PDF with 60 purpose statements perfectly suited as a stimulus and inspiration for coaching around vocation and career.

Purpose Statement: A guiding principle for life

Purpose Statement: A guiding principle for life

Purpose is a multi-layered term that can be described as "purpose", "goal", "determination", "intention", "task", "effect", "determination". People in midlife as well as more and more young people experiencing a quarter-life crisis are searching for their personal meaning of life. But how concretely and how abstractly can this be grasped? The frequently held "vocation discussion" does not provide a satisfactory answer here, because it usually focuses on a concrete professional orientation as a "permanent solution". The concrete idea of vocation (e.g. "I work with children from precarious backgrounds") neither provides an answer beyond later job changes, nor to the transfer of meaning into private life.


The inner genius as the North Star

A meaningful life guiding motif that can serve as an inner compass must therefore be formulated in such a way that it allows us to adjust the concrete life plan every few years. We all want this life plan to become more and more what we perceive as our authentic self. This self is stable, yet evolves with our life experiences. Such a "common thread" can be formulated in the construct of the inner "genius." This formulation can then be used as a guide in a wide variety of activities and contexts.

What users say

I use the 'My Purpose' cards as part of my online coaching sessions focussing on professional reorientation. We use them to work out the client's WHY in order to incorporate this into their professional reorientation.

In contrast to the storytelling method that I have used in the past, the cards help you to reach your goal more quickly and playfully. I have the impression that both I as a coach and my clients find it easier to find and formulate the why or the essence. The combination of language with images is suitable for very different personality types. I have already achieved very good results with the cards.

The cards are accompanied by a small booklet with instructions on how to use the cards. I would have liked a more detailed description of how to work with the cards.

Overall, I can highly recommend the cards and will be happy to use them for further coaching sessions.

Annette Lampe

Coach for Career Development

Purpose Statements

60 purpose statements for career coaching & life design. If you want to clarify the definition of the genius statements, you will find it in the PDF.

Love & Live: Love and Experience genius

Seek Adventure

Taking risks and exploring the unknown to foster personal growth and gain new experiences.

Connect People

Ability to build and strengthen interpersonal relationships to foster cooperation and mutual understanding.

Build bridges

Resolve conflicts and overcome barriers to enable understanding and cooperation among diverse groups or individuals.

Delight hearts

Bring joy and happiness into the lives of others, often through creative or emotional expression.

Create community

Actively participate in building and maintaining a supportive, inclusive and collaborative community.

Enjoy pleasure

Appreciating and celebrating the beautiful things in life, like good food, art or nature.

Inspire people

Motivate others to reach their full potential and pursue their dreams and goals.

Provide beauty

Beautify space and the lives of others through aesthetic design or creative expression.

Create & Do: Create genius

Expand the horizon

Push the boundaries and step out of your comfort zone by learning new skills and knowledge or experiencing new things, broadening one’s own horizons and those of others.

Explore new perspectives

The ability to take different viewpoints and look at problems from different perspectives in order to contribute to finding effective solutions.

Advance development

Support and promote the growth and improvement of people, organizations or systems.

Protect the environment

Actively advocate for the protection and preservation of the environment to ensure sustainable living conditions for future generations.

Analyze problems

Ability to investigate complex issues and develop meaningful solutions.

Create structures

Promote stability and efficiency by streamlining systems, processes, or resources.

Unleash potential

The ability to recognize and utilize the full potential of people, projects or situations.

Design the future

Develop and implement visions for a better future by proactively initiating or supporting positive change.

Be & Believe: Attitude and Spirituality genius

Demonstrate wisdom

Demonstrate spiritual and life-applied wisdom and help others develop their own understanding and perspective.

Draw from abundance

Live in gratitude and contentment and model this attitude to promote a fulfilling life.

Capture essence

Recognize the essentials of life, focus on them, and prioritize them in order to live a balanced and meaningful life and support others in it.

Cultivate mindfulness

Practice and promote mindfulness and presence to improve well-being and self-awareness.

Be a rock in the surf

Provide stability, support and guidance in challenging times.

Promote health

Actively work to improve your own health and the health of others to enhance well-being and quality of life.

Provide relief

Create and spread peace and calm in stressful or chaotic situations.

Give solace

Show empathy and compassion to offer comfort and support to others during difficult times.

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