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Emotions Compass for Emotional Intelligence

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Finding and naming feelings and emotions is often not easy. This can be a challenge in therapeutic or coaching processes. The Emotions Compass offers a clear overview of selected emotional families, feelings, body reactions and thoughts all sorted according to the associated energy levels. The Emotions Compass prioritizes learning emotional competence. This useful tool supports dialogue in coaching and therapy processes. The Emotions Compass is also a valuable overview and reference for emotional self-clarification and learning the vocabulary of our feelings.

✔ Categorized and sorted overview of emotions
✔ Combined with body awareness and thoughts
✔ Brief explanation of how emotions develop and how to deal with them

The metaFox Emotions Compass supports processes of emotional development in various areas:

Reflection and mindfulness in everyday life
Emotional intelligence training and leadership training
Seminars for nonviolent communication (Marshall Rosenberg)
In social work, day care and team supervision
In therapy and treatment of depression

Package Contents

  • One A4 page in high quality offset printing
  • Laminated with 250 micron film on both sides
  • Highly stable, waterproof and for everyday use.