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Coaching Cards "Stronger You" for working with strengths

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Strengths cards for you, your clients, or your team: The "Stronger You" coaching cards help to discover and appreciate strengths. These strengths cards are perfect for reflecting on or building your strengths or showing how you appreciate your teammates’ strong suits.

✔ Each card has the strength term in capital letters, an icon to visualize it, and an inspiring image on the back
✔ Strength terms are categorized into 3 important areas of a person’s life
✔ High-quality and durable strengths cards with rounded corners for multiple reuse

Coaching, team building, workshops, therapy, personal reflection

Package Contents

  • 52 strengths cards made from 400gsm paper with matte lamination on both sides
  • Full-colored product literature with 3 suggested methods on how to use the strengths cards
  • Sturdy and compact box that is travel friendly and keeps your cards safely stored

What the users say


I used the “Your Strengths” card set today in the ZERA course (Connection between Illness, Rehabilitation & Work) in the Strengths and Weaknesses subprogram. There was a great exchange. Assigning a strength to the other participants was also very lively and bonding. Balm for the soul – really great!

Sabrina Specken

Business Psychologist, Coach & Mindfulness Trainer

Strengths cards to help you discover & appreciate strengths

What are 3 of your strengths? What do you appreciate in your team members? The ‘Stronger You’ coaching cards can help you answer these questions! These strengths cards are the perfect tools to begin your strengths-based approach in personal development or teambuilding.


What makes these cards unique?

The ‘Stronger You’ coaching cards are 52 strengths cards made from high-quality and durable materials. Each card has the strength term in capital letters, an icon visualizing it, and an inspiring image on the back. The images can be used when working with associations and intuition. Optional cards have a plus sign on them – you can remove these add-on cards if you want to work with a smaller selection. The strengths terms in this card set are grouped into 3 important areas of a person’s life: Character, Relationships, and Competency. This card set is inspired by Christopher Peterson and Martin Seligman’s popular work Character Strengths and Virtues.

Why use a strengths-based approach?

Rather than focusing on deficits, a strengths-based approach focuses on what the individual can achieve. This approach emphasizes that people are capable and that learning and development are possible for everyone. With a focus on strengths, we build on what makes us uniquely strong.









Example method for using the cards


Appreciation in the team

Spread all the cards on a table with the strengths side facing up. Gather the team around it, so that everyone can see the variety of cards.

  1. Ask the question: What strengths do you see in your teammates?
  2. Reflect & select: Everyone picks one card for every other participant.
  3. Take turns sharing: everyone presents their cards and shares a concrete situation where the strength showed.
  4. Everyone collects their strengths in front of them. Discuss: What is surprising in how others see you?

Variation: Use the picture side up to bring to surface what people don’t acknowledge consciously. Each team member reflects individually on the meaning of the pictures given to them. Close with a sharing round.