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Free shipping for orders worth above 50€!

Enhance your coaching skills with projective methods!

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Course overview

In the course we show you how to get started with projective methods, reflection or projection prompts. You will learn about the history, science and many practical methods along the way for your daily practice.

✅ Intro: The Power of Conversation Prompts

A magical session warm-up

Appreciate strengths in a team

History and Science of Projective Methods

Help your client find a way to their goal in 1on1 sessions

Enable your client to collect resources to get to their goal

Anchor habits with the power of pictures

Imagine having a tool that is specifically designed to ensure that you make the most of every coaching and training session anytime, anywhere

Why are Emails Perfect for Learning?

Bite-sized information

Our prompts are designed to be consumed in short and easy-to-digest segments.

Accessible on the go

With our emails accessible on any device, you can learn wherever you are.

Fits into busy schedules

Designed to be flexible and adaptable to your jam-packed and demanding schedule.

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