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At metaFox, we believe that emotional intelligence is the basis for inner and outer peace. Self-awareness and social skills are what foster individual happiness and meaningful relationships in life and work. This is what we strive for.

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I use the deep pictures of metaFox to gather associations of my participants on a workshop topic. Using the images, I experience time and time again that participants share their thoughts much more concretely. Especially academics tend to hide their feelings behind fancy phrases; through working with images, we bring their thoughts to the ground and talk straight.


Freelance trainer and organizational developer at ETH Zurich


I got myself a set of deep pictures for the 30th edition of BEST's Trainer Camp, on which a new generation of soft-skill trainers was raised. Over 12 days, we were able to use the cards in all sorts of situations, be it in training sessions for reflecting upon experiences, for retrospectives at the end of the day or for stimulating thoughts during individual coaching. The highlight for our participants was, of course, that the end of the event everyone could take home a card with the personal greetings of the remaining participants.

Soft Skills Trainer at BEST


I used the “Your Strengths” card set today in the ZERA course (Connection between Illness, Rehabilitation & Work) in the Strengths and Weaknesses subprogram. There was a great exchange. Assigning a strength to the other participants was also very lively and bonding. Balm for the soul – really great!

Sabrina Specken
Business Psychologist, Coach & Mindfulness Trainer

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