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Free shipping for orders worth above 50€!
Free shipping for orders worth above 50€!
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You already love the tools - now get the events!

Whether you want to get better at creating transformational learning experiences, learn new methods for your work or develop yourself in a changing world. Our events are designed to inspire, educate, and connect coaches, psychologists and other people development professions from all walks of life.

Our Event Types


You just got a metaFox coaching tool and want to learn the basics. Online. Tool focus. 1 psychological topic.


You want to learn more. You want the personal connection. Meet other coaches, psychologists in cities around Europe. 1-2 days. Practice, practice, practice.

Journey (coming soon)

You want to consciously create your future. Join 12 other professionals in a transformational event. In person. 5 days. All inclusive. Personal development.


Why events

With metaFox Experiences we go back to where we started: transformational events.

This is how we grew as people and learned to understand ourselves, others and the world better.

We started metaFox to help others to also get this experience.

You might have a similar reason to work in people development.

Let us inspire you with excellent workshops :)

Join us today,

Not finding what you are looking for? ...

Please let us know what you are missing! You want to collaborate on events? Send us an email at!

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