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Free shipping for orders worth above 50€!

Methods: How to use the metaFox Coaching Tools

Practice: Insights to coaching practice

  • Two co-workers having a go at it at the workplace

    Workplace Conflict as Catalyst: Transforming Challenges with Dialogue

    Conflict is an unavoidable part of any vibrant, growing organization. When harnessed correctly, it can be a powerful driver for innovation, bringing about diverse perspectives and leading to improved decision-making. For anyone working in team building, transforming conflict into opportunity is essential to building resilient, high-performing teams.
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  • a woman jotting down notes on how to plan a workshop

    Blueprint to Success: How to Plan a Workshop the Right Way

    Planning and executing a successful workshop requires attention to detail, strategy, and a touch of creativity. From identifying your workshop's purpose to engaging your participants every step of the way, this blog post will guide you through the essential stages of creating an impactful learning experience. You'll learn how to set clear objectives, select the perfect venue or platform, develop compelling content, and utilize interactive tools to foster participation.
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Theory: Background on applied psychology