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Values Coaching Cards ‘What Really Matters!’

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Values cards to discover, prioritize, and live what matters most to you!

The ‘What Really Matters!’ values cards help to clarify what’s important to you, your clients and participants. Being aware of the values that we prioritize in the various aspects of our lives helps us understand what drives and motivates our behavior – and can open up a different perspective or lead to a new way of living our lives. At the same time, knowing how to read other people’s values and taking these into consideration in our interactions make us better friends, effective leaders, and more loving partners and family members.

✔ Each card has the value in capital letters, an icon to visualize it, the value’s definition on the back and the color to represent its category

✔ 9 categories of values are inspired by Shalom H. Schwartz’s well-established research on basic human values

✔ High-quality and durable values cards with rounded corners for multiple reuse

Coaching, therapy, team building, workshops, personal reflection

Package Contents

  • 80 values cards made from 400gsm paper with glossy coating on both sides
  • Full-colored product literature with tips and toolkit on using the values cards
  • Sturdy and compact box that is travel friendly and keeps your cards safely stored

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