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Free shipping for orders worth above 50€!

Our Impact

Our work at metaFox has an impact on the world and society in many different ways. "Impact", i.e. the social and ecological effect of our work, is one of our values and drives our daily actions.

What do we mean by "impact"?

With "impact", i.e. the effect of our activities, we try to describe how our actions make the world a better place.

In general, the impact of an organization can be described using the IOOI model, for example, which shows in stages how certain "inputs" lead to "outputs" that produce certain "outcomes" for a target group so that the desired "impact" is achieved.


Impact through our products & users

The ultimate goal of our products is a world embracing emotional intelligence - where everyone is aware of their emotions, values and needs, and where people understand themselves and each other. This inner peace leads to more outer peace in the world. 

However, coaching tools alone do not ensure that we understand ourselves and others better. It is only through you, the users in coaching, training and therapy, that tools are used to create experiences that really help clients and participants. "More" such experiences can then contribute to change at a societal level - e.g. a more open and proactive approach to mental health overall.

Impact with our team

Impact with our team

For us in the metaFox team, the development of a new product for coaching or therapy is always a very personal and sometimes therapeutic to our development journey. 

At the same time, we have been working with a growing team in the Philippines since 2020. Access to psychosocial education is even more difficult there than in Europe. The level of good pay is also lower than in the western world. The impact that we can achieve with our salaries and internal training measures are also considerably greater than if we were only working with people in Germany, for example.


Working at metaFox and being in the presence of my colleagues encourages me in my personal development journey. In those three years and counting, I am learning more about how to show up for myself and do the things that allow me to hold space for peace and warmth.

Creating products on a range of psychology topics inspired me to discover myself on a deeper level and prompted me to also understand others. metaFox helped meet my need for belonging and made me appreciate the person that I am.

Louise Pascua

Product Development Lead


Social Engagement

In the Philippines, where many of our team members are based, 24% of 13 to 15-year-old PH students have attempted suicide one or more times in the past 12 months. The global average is 9 psychosocial workers per 100,000 people. In the Philippines, this figure is only a third.

PHLourish, a non-profit organization in the Philippines, is addressing these challenges with a psychosocial education program for teenagers. We support them in this journey of helping teenagers.

We also regularly support events organized by our student partner organizations BEST, ZeroGeneration and Trainers' Forum

If you think we should also work with your organization, write to us at


Our Impact Report

If you're interested in learning more on how we create impact, you can read more when you download our Impact Report.