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deep pictures 'Naviguer dans le deuil' Cartes postales photo

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Les deep pictures de metaFox combinent 52 cartes d'images évocatrices et des questions de coaching perspicaces dans un ensemble de cartes postales destiné aux professionnels qui soutiennent des clients âgés de 15 ans et plus. Les deep pictures 'Naviguer dans le deuil' servent de compagnon compatissant dans ton voyage de deuil, te rappelant que tu n'es pas seul à travers les différentes étapes du deuil, les transitions difficiles de la vie et tout type de perte.

✔ Des images évocatrices pour aider à traiter les émotions et les pensées entourant le deuil.
✔ Des questions perspicaces pour favoriser un espace sûr d'autoréflexion et de croissance.
✔ Excellent outil d'accompagnement conçu pour les conseillers en matière de deuil, les entraîneurs et les thérapeutes afin de soutenir les personnes qui vivent des moments difficiles, comme une rupture, un divorce, une fausse couche, une perte de grossesse ou le décès d'un être cher.

Communication non violente, intelligence émotionnelle, thérapie, conseil, coaching, réflexion.

Contenu du paquet
  • 52 cartes postales et une carte de présentation avec des suggestions pour les utiliser.
  • Format A6 (14,8 cm x 10,5 cm), recto avec laque mate pour un aspect et un toucher élégants.
  • Boîte solide et compacte, pratique et durable pour une utilisation quotidienne.

Spread the cards and engage your clients - in 3 simple steps

What the users say

I ordered these motiv cards in a set of 2, on the following themes “World of Emotions” and “Growing Together”. Both sets are ideally adapted for various applications. Especially the combination of a picture and supportive questions make these deep picture cards something special. They intuitively support the users to give free rein to their thoughts. A great investment for every trainer and coach in a further coaching method. I am still delighted with the deep pictures. Thanks a lot!

Irene Schilling


I got myself a set of Deep Pictures for the 30th edition of BEST’s Trainer Camp, on which a new generation of soft-skill trainers was raised. Over 12 days, we were able to use the cards in all sorts of situations, be it in training sessions for reflecting upon experiences, for retrospectives at the end of each day or for stimulating thoughts during individual coaching. The highlight for our participants was, of course, that at the end of the event everyone could take home a card with the personal greetings of the remaining participants.

Kai Pöllot

Soft Skills Trainer at BEST & Culture Work

The Team Cards “Growing Together” and the Emotion Cards are particularly useful for my work with teens. This is because their combination of images on one side and questions on the other offer a direct entry into deeper conversation. The images and questions allow the youngsters to compare their perception of themselves with how others perceive them – which triggers thoughts, discussion and self-reflection. The cards also work really well for uniting a group.


A card deck with 52 inpsiring prompts

Spark deep conversation...

At the first glance, they look like a postcard. At the second glance, the metaFox deep pictures provide a useful tool for coachers, trainers, educators, therapists and simply anyone striving for meaningful reflection and deep conversation.​

...with powerful images...

The deep pictures come in boxes of 52 picture cards. Their front side will present you with carefully curated images, offering you metaphors and associations to connect with experience as well as entry points to conversation.​

...and meaningful questions.

When turning your card, you will face a coaching question, fitting the image's topic, as an invitation to take your reflection even deeper. Discuss in a group, write your answer on your card and make it your anchor and reminder.​

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