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Do you facilitate workshops or conduct coaching and consulting sessions? Our coaching tools can open your session and the hearts of your participants.

metaFox deep pictures

The postcard coaching tool

The metaFox deep pictures combine powerful images and questions into a unique coaching tool. Spark reflection, sharing and human connection on a deeper level.

metaFox deep pictures

24,95 €

metaFox deep pictures
Growing Together

24,95 €

metaFox deep pictures
World of Emotions

24,95 €

Spread the cards & human connection

coaching question


Engage your participants with an icebreaker or reflection question.

coaching card

Reflect & Select

Your participants select a coaching card representing their answer.

coaching conversation


Take turns for personal sharing – through the power of pictures.

For people developing people – everywhere.

What users say

I ordered these motiv cards in a set of 2, on the following themes “World of emotions” and “Growing together”. Both sets are ideally adapted for various applications. Especially the combination of a picture and supportive questions make these deep picture cards something special. They intuitively support the users to give free rein to their thoughts. A great investments for every trainer and coach in a further coaching method. I am still delighted with the deep pictures. Thanks a lot

Schillout Coaching


I use the deep pictures of metaFox to gather associations of my participants on a workshop topic. Using the images, I experience time and time again that participants share their thoughts much more concretely. Especially academics tend to hide their feelings behind fancy phrases; through working with images, we bring their thoughts to the ground and talk straight.

Eva - Freiberufliche Trainerin
Logo Eva Gottschewski

Freelance trainer and organizational developer at ETH Zurich

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More Coaching Cards

Discover values, strengths & good questions

Coaching cards on various topics – for reflection, development & good conversation.

metaFox deep questions

29,95 €

Coaching Cards

34,95 €

metaFox deep quotes

24,95 €


Coaching knowledge at a glance

The metaFox Compass Series

In a time when all knowledge is available at any time, the value lies in clarity. Therefore the Compass Series offer an overview of topics such as non-violent communication or NLP.

metaFox Emotions Compass for Coaching and Therapy

14,95 €

metaFox Emotions Poster Set for Children

18,95 €

Emotions and Needs Compass Bundle

24,95 €

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Gefühlsliste für Coaching

Start with the free feelings list for Coaching, NVC & Emotional Intelligence

Get a carefully curated list of pleasant, unpleasant and (in terms of Nonviolent Communication) unreal feelings for free. A free coaching tool for all subscribers of the monthly metaPost!

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About metaFox

We believe that learning is most effective if it is the result of experience. Learning lasts when the experience matters. Therefore we build tools to support personal development in coaching, workshops, teaching, therapy and conversations at home.

We believe that organisations thrive with the connection and psychological safety of their team members. Being able to discuss personal topics and hidden group processes empowers team members to take responsibilty, be more happy and successful.

We believe in the value of reflected & aware individuals, grounded in their own values, for successful organisations and a thriving society. Therefore we don’t only provide answers, but ask powerful questions with our tools for development.