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Free shipping for orders worth above 50€!
Free shipping for orders worth above 50€!

Build Your Own Coaching Tool - the service for your custom card set

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Your own coaching tool: Your idea, target group, and brand - our expertise, quality, and sales channels

Do you love using coaching cards? Would you like your coaching cards to be uniquely yours? This is the perfect product for you! 

“Build your own coaching tool” provides you a product that is designed according to your idea and brand and that can be used for your work, as a gift for partners, and any other use you can think of.

From a minimum order quantity of 150 card sets, we can make this dream come true! We're here to support you in the development of your coaching tool and offer..

  • Advice on concept and process
  • Creation of all design files for production and marketing
  • Production of the card set in proven metaFox quality
  • Marketing on the channels of your choice
Book a consultation to take the first step towards building your coaching tool today!

Why you might need your own coaching tool

Made for your target group

Have you already used a card set from metaFox or other brands and would like the images or content to be even better tailored to your target group? Building your own coaching tool makes this possible for you!

A unique tool for everyone

Would you like a gift for employees, partners and clients that is unique, meaningful and useful? We're here to help you make that come to life!

Be memorable and remarkable

Unlike a business cards, your own coaching tool won't end up in the bin sooner or later because it will be used regularly. This way, your clients or partners will always have your product on their hands and in their mind!


Your investment

Creating your very own coaching tool requires time and financial commitment. We have traveled this path many times and can provide you with ideal support.

Depending on how unique you want your coaching tool to be, you should need at least 50 units to make the effort worthwhile for you and us.

The price is based on the "standard product" in our store - we can give you a quantity discount for orders of 100 units or more!

Package S: Your logo & slogan on the box

The "business card" that nobody forgets

  1. Choose an existing metaFox product for your target group
  2. Together (you and us), we design the box of the product with your logo and texts. *The cards and contents remain in the original.
  3. Minimum order quantity is 48 sets
Package M: Your logo on box and every card

A metaFox product in your look

  1. Choose an existing metaFox product
  2. Tell us all the information we need such as target group, product details, etc.
  3. We design all cards and the box with your logo and print the sets exclusively for you.
  4. Minimum order quantity is 96 sets
Package L: Your very own individual card set

Your idea, target group & brand - our expertise, quality & sales channels

  1. Choose all content and images to use and get free access to metaFox image library to easily achieve the highest quality.
  2. Define all questions (or similar) for the other side of the card yourself or use modular metaFox content.
  3. Design the box and booklet according to your taste and visual identity.
  4. Minimum order quantity is 144 sets

How will it work?

We have already developed over 30 card sets and coaching tools in up to four languages. Equipped with this wealth of experience, we will accompany you. The process can look something like this:

Getting to know each other

In an approximately one-hour call with a product expert, we get to know each other and discuss your idea. We discuss questions like "Who is the target group?", "What content makes sense?", "What design do you have in mind?"

The decision and offer

After the call, you can make your decision. With a concrete idea of the content and possible card types, we can estimate the costs and make you an offer.

Developing the initial version

We provide you with templates and examples. For example: for a set of picture cards you can choose from the metaFox picture treasure trove and discuss the design. All of these will be simple and easy as we already have templates for cards, packaging and literature.

Refinement and review

If you like, we can give you feedback on your first draft and run through a few improvement loops. "Does this image fit?", "Could it be formulated more simply?", "How about this layout?"

Making it come to life

As soon as the content and design for your product is finalized, we can start production. We produce with the same manufacturer and in the same quality as the metaFox card sets.

Announce it to the world!

Now that your product is here, you can use your card set in coaching and give it away to partners and customers. Would you also like to market it in the metaFox store so that your customers and fans can buy it for themselves?

How Berg & Macher built their own coaching tool

Berg & Macher Custom Coaching Tool Preview

Berg & Macher supports medium-sized companies with consulting and process support on their way to an agile and dynamic corporate structure.

With the individually designed deep pictures "Effective Organizational Development", they are the pilot customers of the metaFox "Build your own Coaching Tool" offer.

Kim, founder and managing director of Berg & Macher and creative mind behind their product:

"Above all, the development process was quick and uncomplicated for us. It only took 3 weeks from the idea to the print-ready (digital) card set. This was also due to the proactivity and pragmatism with which Tobi and his team approached the project, as well as the quick coordination in between.

We already had the questions in mind. Thanks to metaFox's preparation on a digital whiteboard, we were able to transfer the questions very quickly and supplement them with suitable images for the reflection cards.

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Ready to build your coaching tool?

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