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Meditation Bench for meditation & mindfulness practice - foldable bamboo incl. cushion

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Meditation bench for daily mindfulness and meditation practice! A great alternative to the meditation cushion.

We hope this bench will serve you as a tool for training the mind and help you find focus and balance in your everyday life.


  • Comfortable and ergonomic - slightly inclined seat with padding. To support posture with high comfort. Meditation bench, made from durable bamboo for high stability.
  • Invitation to mindfulness – the sitting position on the kneeler and the cushion allow long meditation. Includes a data sheet to observe the spirit of developing serenity.
  • Compact and for on-the-go - a 3-in-1 meditation aid that you can take with you anytime and anywhere. Foldable stool so that the meditation bench does not take up any space at home.

Daily meditation, mindfulness practice, mindfulness gifts, relaxation

Package Contents:

  • Designed for you – available in two sizes: small (42.5 cm x 15.5 cm) and large (49.5 cm x 17.5 cm). You can choose the bamboo stool so that it offers enough leg room.
  • Gift of the current moment - A mindfulness gift for free or guided meditation. The folding stool comes with cushion, bag and leaflet in a jewellery box.

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