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Free shipping for orders worth above 50€!

Exploration Workshop: Understanding VALUES in Coaching & Facilitation

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Discover Value-Based Coaching and Workshop Techniques!
  • Master the art of value-based coaching to help your clients and participants with self-awareness, self-expression and mutual understanding.   
  • Engage in individual reflection and interactive group exercises designed to demonstrate the practical use of value cards.
  • Learn about the principles of value-focused coaching and the successful strategies.
Values Cards in Digital and Physical Formats

The workshop will be conducted online, utilizing digital tools that participants can immediately integrate into their own coaching practices. All techniques are also adaptable for in-person sessions. Each participant will receive a set of metaFox Values Cards "What Really Matters" included with their registration.

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Products included in the workshop

Learn. Empower. Enjoy.

This online workshop will guide you through the practice of values-based coaching to tackle common challenges faced by coachees and facilitators.

You'll gain not only essential knowledge but also firsthand experience.

Participate actively in reflection and group exercises as coach and client, and apply what you learn in real-time.

Utilize this supportive environment to understand your own values.

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    Values in theory

    • Hear about the background of values in coaching & the 'What Really Matters' card set
    • Learn how value-based methods apply to 1:1 and group settings
    • Learn to build strong connections on shared values
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    Value cards in practice

    • Use values as icebreaker
    • Go several steps deeper and learn how to use strenghts in teambuilding
    • Expand your workshop toolbox by actually practicing several methods
  • Inspire & connect

    • Be yourself and show your values in the session
    • Build confidence in using value cards on-site and online
    • Connect with other professionals from your field
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Get to know your trainers


Tobias Weghorn

has been building coaching tools as metaFox co-founder for 6+ years. Seasoned facilitator and coach.


Maximilian Friedle

Builds effective coaching tools and teams. Facilitates great workshops, training and leadership development.


Trisha Reyeg

Enjoys building deep connections with coaching tools. As a picture card facilitator, she loves curating fun, insightful, and purpose-driven sessions.

Recognized by thought leaders

Recognized by thought leaders

Awarded by the German Association for Training & Coaching in 2024 we are proud to further develop coaching tools and experiences for the next generation of coaches and facilitators.

Cards to create experiences

Tools don't create change. Experiences do. Learn to get the most from the Stronger You card set create a lasting impact in your workshops, training and coaching.

What do I get from this workshop?

Interactive Workshop

3 hour interactive workshop on working with values.

metaFox Tools

metaFox Product Kit with the What Really Matters card set

Methods Competency

Learn and try proven Coaching methods and read on in the included metaFox Methods e-book afterwards.

  • 1| Connect & dive in

    Get to know other participants using an interactive warm-up.

  • 2 | Online tools

    Familiarise yourself with different online tools for facilitation & coaching.

  • 3 | Theory

    We briefly explore values and what they mean in the context of individual and group work.

  • 4| Peer coaching exercise

    Practice 1:1 with a real case.

  • 5 | Group exercise

    Experience a group-based exercise based on values.

  • 6 | Tune Out

    Debrief our experience and discuss what to take for daily practice.

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  • Communication

    • Facilitate direct communication
    • Easily work with breakout rooms
  • Whiteboard

    • Seamless collaboration
    • Documentation and visualization
  • metaFox cards online

    • Work with value cards
    • Work with value descriptons

Impressions of past workshops


What participants say

metaFox cards are now an indispensable asset in my facilitation toolkit, ensuring impactful and transformative sessions. Kudos to your team for creating such a remarkable tool!

Antigoni Mamaloukou - Trainer