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Free shipping for orders worth above 50€!

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Reframe your story in 3 steps

Blue Icons

Reflect feelings & circumstances

Orange Icons

Clarify self-image & challenges

Green Icons

Define goals & ways to get there

Tell encouraging stories!

I am the hero in my story!

For self-confidence and goal setting.

My story today. Roll the cube with blue symbols. Ask your client what story comes to mind about the symbols. Ask about feelings, situations or relationships.

My authentic self. Roll the cube with orange symbols. Ask your client to tell something about their patterns, values or goals using the symbols.

My future. Roll the cube with green symbols. Using the symbols as a connecting point, ask your client how she envisions her goals being met.

*Optionally you can also include the question cube.

Choose one of the above methods, or use all three in that order, to help your client gain a new perspective on history, present, and future. Explore which perspectives are helpful and put experiences and ideas into a new framework.