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Free shipping for orders worth above 50€!

Our mission is to empower coaches and educators with simple and beautiful tools for authentic communication & learning experiences.


Coaching & therapy

In coaching processes, it is important to use a variety of triggers in order to tap into your coachee’s inner insightfulness and creativity. Thedeep picturescan facilitate this process.

  • Find personal strengths, honest support and define clear processes.
  • Diminish inner resistance by using meaningful images.
  • Develop multiple solution strategies that are effective.
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workshop session of metaFox

For workshops and groups

Groups and teams often experience very complex processes. Thedeep picturesare a carefully designed trigger to make the invisible visible, the implicit explicit, change dynamics and improve interaction among team members. Use thedeep picturesduring soft skill training, in team meetings or professional coaching as:

  • An ice-breaker for an event and conversation starter.
  • An opening for conflict solving discussions.
  • A parting token at the end of a seminar or training.
  • A prompt for clarifying emotions and needs in critical situations.
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3 simple steps to guide your client's journey



Ask questions such as "What do you need right now?"



Reflect & choose a picture as a response



Present the images, thoughts & feelings

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The Compass Series

The Coaching Cubes

Organizations that uses our tools

In systemic counseling, a lot of emphasis is placed on acting and doing – the client does not lie “on the couch” and has to put his innermost feelings into words, but rather an attempt is made to use vivid methods to understand the client’s problems and subconscious inner images in a different and new way, perhaps from a different perspective. The expressive picture cards of metaFox offer many application possibilities for this.

Evelyn Koch

Freelance systemic coach

I got myself a set of Deep Pictures for the 30th edition of BEST’s Trainer Camp, on which a new generation of soft-skill trainers was raised. Over 12 days, we were able to use the cards in all sorts of situations, be it in training sessions for reflecting upon experiences, for retrospectives at the end of each day or for stimulating thoughts during individual coaching. The highlight for our participants was, of course, that at the end of the event everyone could take home a card with the personal greetings of the remaining participants.

Kai Pöllot

Soft Skills Trainer at BEST & Culture Work

I ordered these motiv cards in a set of 2, on the following themes “World of Emotions” and “Growing Together”. Both sets are ideally adapted for various applications. Especially the combination of a picture and supportive questions make these deep picture cards something special. They intuitively support the users to give free rein to their thoughts. A great investment for every trainer and coach in a further coaching method. I am still delighted with the deep pictures. Thanks a lot!

Irene Schilling


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