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We are here to accompany your journey in becoming who you are with simple & beautiful tools for self-coaching & emotional intelligence.

Cards to support your personal development!

Cards to support your personal development!

Where do I want to go? What will the new year bring? And how do I want to spend my time? These and other questions can help build the life you want for yourself. To make them more accessible, the deep pictures use powerful images with coaching questions to encourage reflection. The 'Your Strengths' set encourages the discovery of resources 'What Really Matters' helps clarify values.

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The Habit Tracker

Build habits in 3 simple steps

My Cues

Define a signal or prompt to get you started.

My Routines

Identify the actions you will take and commit.

My Rewards

Celebrate after doing your routine in a day.

Tools for Meditation & Mindfulness

Get your sample Habit Tracker undated calendar!

Sign up to our newsletter and download a 3-month sample of the Habit Tracker. Build your habits day by day and live the life you love!

A retreat place for your mind

Invite balance and focus into your life.

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What people say

Great way to track your goals.

This habit tracker is pretty cool. It has different decorations for each season and is large enough to display proudly on the wall. The graph is big and makes you feel like you’re coloring in a large space to make your achievements feel more impressive. It has a nifty metal hanger you can take on and off the wall. I like that it has goal and sum spaces right next to each other so I can tell right away if I achieved my goal. I am looking forward to using it for the next year. It has spots for self-care, connecting with others, creating, and rest.


Amazon Customer

Full focus on my meditation. Great bench!

I bought the large (blue) variant of the Meditation Bench. In addition to the bench with cushions, it also contained a cotton bag and a flyer with suggestions for meditation.The bench is of high quality and only folds together if you really want to. I've had the problem for a long time that my feet often fall asleep when meditating. Here I can sit on my knees without my feet falling asleep. So I have my joy even with longer meditations!

Peter Langmann

Amazon Customer

A moment of contemplation in the home office

I was very happy when metaFox also published the great motifs of the cards as "posters". The combination of images and text enriches the four walls of my home office and reminds me to stay with myself even in hectic situations, to take a deep breath and take a step back.


Amazon Customer

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Be a metaFox becoming author

Be a metaFox becoming author

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