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At metaFox, we build tools to help coaches, psychologists, and educators empower people.

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A world embracing emotional intelligence.

At metaFox, we believe that emotional intelligence is the basis for inner and outer peace. Self-awareness and social skills are what foster individual happiness and meaningful relationships in life and work. This is what we strive for.



Provide empowering tools for people development.

Being aware of one’s emotional state as well as one’s values, strengths and beliefs, forms the basis for a meaningful and happy life. At metaFox, we enable the development of the necessary skills and mindset by providing tools for emotional health and personal growth to people development professionals as well as personal development enthusiasts.

  • Teamwork

  • Personal Growth

  • Creativity

  • Trust

  • Proactiveness

  • Learning

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Inside metaFox

We are educators that love seeing growth – in ourselves and others. metaFox is an edupreneurial platform built of and by a team of training and learning enthusiasts.

  • Maximillian Friedle

    Co-Founder & Business Enabler

  • Tobias Weghorn

    Co-Founder & Innovation enthusiast

  • Louise Pascua

    Product Development Lead

  • Denise Pua

    Creative Marketing Lead

  • April Corpuz

    E-commerce Management Lead

  • Mikee Arcadio

    Jr. Product Developer

  • Trisha Reyeg

    Jr. Product Developer & Support Manager

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Where beautiful design meets the simplicity of good old paper.

Happiness in every piece.

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If you have feedback on our products or you have a product idea you would like to develop with us, please contact us!

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