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Mindfulness Cards “Mindful Moments” for Self-coaching

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Live in the moment with the “Mindful Moments” card set. These beautifully designed mindfulness affirmation cards are made to support your mindfulness practice and cultivate inner peace in your everyday life.

✔ Color-coded cards divided into three categories: Exercises, Habits, and Affirmations
✔ Each card has a unique icon on the back as a visual representation
✔ Compact and sturdy box that serves as a card stand

Mindfulness, affirmation, personal development, personal reflection, emotional intelligence, self-coaching

Package contents
  • A set of 55 mindfulness cards in 8 x 11 cm, 300 gsm paper with matt finishing
  • Comes with a 4 (English version) or 5-card (German version) product literature in back-to-back printing
  • QR code to scan for additional resources and freebies!

Start your mindfulness practice today

Focus your attention in the present moment with these mindfulness cards. Become aware of your thoughts, bodily sensations, and surroundings. 

What are mindfulness cards?

Mindfulness cards are a great tool to integrate into your mindfulness routine. These cards consist of mindfulness prompts that you can use daily in order to become self-aware and mindful. It can increase your emotional well being which can create a lasting impact that can enrich your life. 

Here are the 4 key benefits of practicing mindfulness

Reduce stress

Helps promote relaxation and emotional regulation

Enhanced focus

Improves concentration and ability to remain present & engaged

Become emotionally intelligent

Encourages greater awareness of one’s emotions and how to manage them

Improve overall well-being

It is proven that mindfulness practice increases well-being and life satisfaction.

The “Mindful Moments” Mindfulness Card Deck

The mindfulness cards were designed and created by Sabrina Specken and Louise Pascua. The set consists of 55 cards that are categorized into 3 topics.

kartenset achtsamkeit

use these cards to build mindfulness habits and routines


Green cards (Exercises)

use these cards for doing quick activities during breaks

mindful achtsamkeitskarten

Red cards (Affirmations)

use these cards to talk to yourself with kindness and love

5 steps of mindfulness

These mindfulness cards can guide you to the 5 steps of mindfulness

  • 1

    Settle into the moment

    Lie on the ground and close your eyes. Observe your thoughts and feelings.

  • 2

    Focus on your breathing

    Open the window, pause and take a deep breath. Fill your lungs with fresh and cool air.

  • 3

    Acknowledge your thoughts

    Switch off all your electronic devices and use this time to reconnect with yourself and your thoughts.

  • 4

    Expand your awareness

    Sit on the bench or lie outside and look at the sky. What do you see? Birds? Stars? What thoughts and feelings do you get?

  • 5

    Cultivate gratitude & compassion

    Repeat to yourself “I speak kindly, honestly and with understanding”.

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3 easy steps on how to use the mindfulness cards


Take out all the cards and pick one from the category you need


Perform the action the card suggests and reflect


Great job! You live more mindfully today. Give yourself a reward

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