Habit Tracker – undated 12-month spiral tracker & wall calendar for building healthy habits


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The metaFox Habit Tracker is a beautiful spiral tracker designed to help you commit to habits that matter. The Habit Tracker encourages following through tiny habits on a daily basis and serves as a visual reminder to help you achieve your monthly goals. Available in German.

✔ 4 categories of habits to focus your attention and energy
✔ Beautiful design following the seasons of the year
✔ Based on the science of the ‘habit loop’ for successful creation of good habits

Personal development, changing habits, building healthy habits, self-reflection, morning routines, mindfulness, self-care

Package Contents

  • 12-month undated wall calendar with beautiful 4-seasons design
  • A4 format with wire-O hanger piece
  • Made with 200gsm offset paper and 700gsm paperboard for the backside – all from 100% FSC paper sources


metaFox Habit Tracker

creating the life you love

You have the power to change the course of your life by doing a positive habit regularly. Every day you are evolving, and you should be reminded of how hard you are trying and how much you are growing. Drop your excuses, start committing to healthy habits, and stick to it. (Re)create your life in a world of uncertainty and meet the better version of yourself a year after!

What makes the content unique?

The metaFox Habit Tracker is your companion in living your everyday life as you would love to. It helps set your focus and cultivate a life in balance through building habits from the four categories of Care, Connect, Create and Chill.


Building a focused and balanced life

The Habit Tracker can help you achieve a focused and balanced life by encouraging you to build good habits in the key areas of your life.


Focus on YOU. To love and take good care of yourself.


Focus on PEOPLE. To nurture relationships and connect with important people in your life.


Focus on WORK. To refine your skills and create things you’re passionate about.


Focus on BEING. To allow yourself to just be and give rest to your soul.

Mastering healthy habits

To make habits last, it helps to understand how they work. According to Charles Duhigg, the brain goes through a loop consisting of these three steps: 


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Step 1: My Cues

I will start my routine at/when/after…

The cue is the signal or prompt to get you started. Even though we are sometimes unaware of it, carrying out a habit starts with a trigger. This can be a certain Time, Location, Preceding (or Parallel) Event, Emotional State, and/or involve Other People.

Step 2: My Routines

The action I will take is…

Now that you have your cues, you can define your routines. The routine is what we often think of as the “habit”, the action to carry out.

Tip: Bad habits can be most effectively replaced by injecting a new routine after the old cue.

Step 3: My Rewards

After doing my routine, I will enjoy…

Give yourself a gift by consciously matching your routine with a reward. This reward can help solidify the habit in your life as it creates a craving. Some rewards are subtle and might easily escape our notice, like the body sensation after a run or the warmth there is after messaging a friend. 

Visualising & Celebrating

You can fill one of the boxes of the tracking grid after successfully following all of the three steps (this can actually be part of your Reward!). You have the freedom to colour it in any way you want. Listen to the whispers within and make it yours!

Have your target days per habit on the Goal section and total your number of days achieved on the Sum section. At the end of the month, compare your Sum to your Goal and assess what needs more effort and apply what you’ve learned next month.

My Purpose

I'm doing this because...

Before taking an action, it’s important to know why you would want to do it in the first place. On the My Purpose section, list your reasons behind every action. These reasons will serve as your everyday motivation in committing to your habits for one more day—even the hardest one.

Tip: Start small and simple—maybe with only one habit. Be gentle towards yourself when you skip a day and try to show up again tomorrow. Learn how to flow and enjoy the process.

Cultivate habits that matter and enjoy the life you love starting today!

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