About Us

What we believe

We believe that learning is most effective if it is the result of experience. Learning lasts when the experience matters. Therefore we build tools to support personal development in coaching, workshops, teaching, therapy and conversations at home.
We believe that organisations thrive with the connection and psychological safety of their team members. Being able to discuss personal topics and hidden group processes empowers team members to take responsibilty, be more happy and successful.
We believe in the value of reflected & aware individuals, grounded in their own values, for successful organisations and a thriving society. Therefore we don’t only provide answers, but ask powerful questions with our tools for development.

How we work

metaFox offers development opportunities, not only for its clients, but also for any partner. We are a playground for edupreneurs, educators, trainers and learners.

We give radical responsibility and project ownership to all members and teams. With the responsibility comes freedom to do what you’re passionate about.

In all this we strive for learning for our clients and inside metaFox. We enjoy “metaMoments”, to analyse the process layer and be aware of our focus.

Who we are

We are educators that love seeing growth – in ourselves and others. metaFox is an edupreneurial platform built of and by a team of training and learning enthusiasts.


Enjoys developing people and organizations. Loves AHA moments. Grows on complexity.


Business developer, trainer, opportunity maker. Constantly searching for the next project.


Embraces connection and trust. Enjoys structure and beauty.


Engineer, researcher, trainer. Loves to solve difficult problems. Reads. Constantly.


Passionate about selling great products, Learning, and considering the Possibilities.


Bold enough to question things. Keen on fine arts and optics.


Constant learner, life coach, trainer. Loves challenges and adventures.


Life explorer, dancing engineer. Calm adventure, creative soul, nature lover.


Sustainability and clean-tech enthusiast. Keen on discovering and challenging the assumptions.

Extroverted engineer in love with training. Builds teams, gets things done, creates impact.
Eager to turn ideas into projects. Teamplayer, engineer, travel addicted.
Passion for technologies, personal development and designing learning experiences.

We enjoy working with

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