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Projective Methods & How Coaching

(Picture) Cards Work Their Magic

For many of us, it’s not so easy to open up and be vulnerable in front of our friends and family. This difficulty in sharing our thoughts and emotions usually also happens when interacting with strangers.

Sometimes, it’s painful to honestly face ourselves. In other cases, we might not even be aware of how we feel about something until our cup overflows and we’re overwhelmed.

Making human connection easy

Finding a way to overcome these barriers to deep conversation and meaningful reflection is the reason behind our work at metaFox.
Using metaFox coaching cards often goes like this – participants pick deep pictures to answer a given question or topic. Each person takes a turn to talk about the images they chose and how it relates to their life. Everyone is encouraged to express themselves truthfully as a way of connecting with each other, to unburden themselves, and feel a little bit better.

This example demonstrates how the deep pictures (the first coaching cards we developed) use the principles of projective methods and adapt their techniques. Simply put, projective methods are enabling techniques to help reveal what matters most to people, their motivations, and subconscious attitudes, among others.

Some commonly used projective methods are association techniques like complete-the-sentence exercises and the Rorschach Inkblot Test; expressive techniques like play, drawing and painting; and using photographs and images as tools to surface people’s perspectives and experiences.

Using visual triggers and visual metaphors

The deep pictures are designed to function as visual triggers. We’ve mindfully selected the images included in each set to bring about an emotional response from the viewer. They are visual metaphors helping to give a private experience, a feeling, or a thought some concrete shape and form.

Combining beautiful images with powerful questions

The deep pictures combine the power of the visual and the verbal – beautiful images with fitting questions. They are developed by the metaFox community composed of trainers and facilitators who understand first hand the needs of coaches and trainers.

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