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Affirmation Cards 'Repeat After Me' for personal development

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Nurture positive self-talk one card at a time with the ‘Repeat After Me’ cards by metaFox becoming. Talk kindly to yourself with these beautiful and colorful cards and experience the power of daily affirmations.

✔ Values-themed affirmations to help set your focus on what matters to you
✔ Each card has a unique icon on the back as a visual representation
✔ Compact and sturdy box that serves as a card stand

affirmations, mindfulness, personal development, personal reflection

Package contents
  • A set of 52 affirmation cards in 8 x 11 cm, 300 gsm
  • Comes with 2-card product literature in back-to-back printing
  • QR code to scan for additional resources and freebies!

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