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Affirmation Cards 'Repeat After Me' for personal development

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Nurture positive self-talk one card at a time with the ‘Repeat After Me’ cards by metaFox becoming. Talk kindly to yourself with these beautiful and colorful cards and experience the power of daily affirmations.

✔ Values-themed affirmations to help set your focus on what matters to you
✔ Each card has a unique icon on the back as a visual representation
✔ Compact and sturdy box that serves as a card stand

affirmations, mindfulness, personal development, personal reflection

Package contents
  • A set of 52 affirmation cards in 8 x 11 cm, 300 gsm
  • Comes with 2-card product literature in back-to-back printing
  • QR code to scan for additional resources and freebies!

Talk kindly, you are listening.

Affirmations in three steps


Take out all the cards and randomly pick one for yourself.


Let the affirmation sink in for a moment and reflect.


Say the affirmation out loud to yourself at least twice in a day.

For nurturing positive self-talk

52 values-themed affirmations cards

Each card has a unique icon

Colorful and fun design

2 cards by metafox becoming

We created two cards to support your personal development journey! The 'Mindful Moments' for a more mindful everyday life and 'Repeat After Me' for nurturing positive self-talk.

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