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Emotions Compass for Nonviolent Communication

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The Emotions Compass for Nonviolent Communication offers a clear overview of selected emotions, associated feelings, body reactions, and thoughts, all sorted by energy levels. It is designed for people development professionals working with clients on emotion-related topics, helping them to identify, manage, and communicate their emotions effectively. This tool prioritizes working with emotions and learning to express them in a constructive language, making it a valuable resource for emotional self-clarification and learning the vocabulary of feelings.


  • Helping clients name and communicate their emotions in coaching or therapy

  • Enhancing emotional intelligence training and leadership development

  • Facilitating reflection and mindfulness in daily life

  • Supporting seminars on nonviolent communication (Marshall Rosenberg)

  • Assisting in social work, daycare, and team supervision


Package Content:

  • One A4 page in high-quality offset printing

  • Laminated with 250 micron film on both sides

  • Highly stable, waterproof, and suitable for everyday use