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NLP Compass – Concepts and interventions for NLP Practitioners at a glance

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Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) offers a versatile toolbox for communication, coaching and managing one’s own emotional states. The ‘NLP Compass for Practitioners & Coaches’ summarizes the most important basic concepts and some standard formats of modern NLP in a nutshell. It is roughly based on the curriculum of the NLP Practitioner according to DVNLP.

✔ Front: summary of important NLP basics and tools
✔ Back: eight basic interventions of the NLP Practitioner training.
✔ Structured in color and illustrated with symbols

The NLP Compass is the ideal companion for trainings to NLP Practitioner, NLP Master or NLP Coach. For Practitioners it serves as a cheat sheet during practical exercises. Masters and coaches can enjoy the refresher of the basics at a glance

Package Content

  • One side in high quality offset printing
  • Laminated with 250 micron film on both sides
  • Stable and waterproof for lively coaching sessions