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Needs Compass for Emotional Intelligence

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The metaFox Needs Compass is a valuable learning resource for understanding your needs and how they shape your emotions and actions. Its clear and structured vocabulary for social and individual needs is designed to help you recognize, identify and express your needs. This helps you get in touch with yourself or assist your clients to do the same. It is also useful for reflecting on universal human needs such as the human need for connection and the human need to be loved. The Needs Compass is based on the theory of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) by Marshall Rosenberg.

Structured in two main categories: Social Needs & Individual Needs
Organised further by “Context”, “Family of Needs” and specific “Needs”
Concise information about needs with essential concepts and practical advice for living nonviolent communication

Coaching, therapy, personal development, personal reflection, mindfulness, emotional intelligence training, leadership training, seminars for nonviolent communication

Package Contents

  • One A4 page in high-quality offset printing
  • Laminated with 250 micron film on both sides
  • Highly stable, waterproof and for everyday use

Identify and communicate your needs to understand yourself and others

The Needs Compass, together with the Emotions Compass, seek to help us think more in terms of our needs and emotions. Doing so can be our starting point in understanding ourselves better and communicating more effectively with people.


What makes the content unique?

The metaFox Needs Compass is clearly organised into the main categories of “Social Needs” and “Individual Needs”. These two are structured further into the “Context”, “Family of Needs” and specific “Needs”. This clear and concise overview is meant to help you recognise, name and understand your needs and how they affect your emotions and influence your actions. Knowing your needs is the first step to coming up with strategies and implementing actions that will satisfy them. The different intensities of “warm” and “cool” colors corresponding to the types of needs make the Needs Compass intuitive and easy to use.

The Needs Compass can be used in many contexts

We’ve designed the Needs Compass to be versatile and accessible in various situations.

For personal development

Get in touch with yourself by learning about your needs, how they’re signalled by feelings and how they impact your actions.

For coaching & therapy

Help your clients understand their needs through naming and expressing them to others.

For NVC seminar & training

Use as a handy tool in your nonviolent communication sessions.

Needs as the roots of emotions

According to Marshall Rosenberg’s framework of nonviolent communication, needs can be understood as the roots of our feelings. If your partner tells you “You’re working late so often – you must love your work more than you love me!”, what they mean to say is probably that their need for intimacy is not being met. These kinds of judgements (of others) are often alienated expressions of (our own) unmet needs. 

Sharing frustration not as criticism, but by voicing feelings and needs, makes it easier for the recipient to accept these needs and compassionately act upon them. Unfortunately, this is surprisingly difficult in daily life. Not many of us have been taught to think in terms of feelings and needs. 

This is the challenge which the metaFox Needs Compass (and its sister, the Emotions Compass) help to overcome.


By structuring the world of needs in an intuitive way, it guides you (or your client) and helps to discover which need you long for.



For every “needs family” it provides plenty of vocabulary words to choose from. This enables the user to voice their needs in everyday language.