Meditation Bench – Foldable stool with cushion for meditation & mindfulness practice

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Meditation bench for daily mindfulness and meditation practice! A great alternative to the meditation cushion.

We hope this bench will serve you as a tool for training the mind and help you find focus and balance in your everyday life.

✔ Comfortable and ergonomic design to achieve the right posture during meditation
Available in 2 sizes to suit various body types and provide enough legroom
✔ Foldable stool with carry bag for compact storage and on the go travel

Daily meditation, mindfulness exercises, mindfulness gifts

Package Contents

  • Meditation bench with foldable legs, removable cushion, and carry bag
  • Dimensions of large (blue) meditation bench: 17.5 cm H x 49.5 cm L x 19.5 cm W. For people >175 cm tall.
  • Dimensions of small (green) meditation bench: 15.5 cm H x 42.5 cm L x 19.5 cm W. For people <175 cm tall.
  • Made with sturdy bamboo and comfortable seat padding.


metaFox becoming Meditation Bench

meditation bench for your daily meditation & mindfulness practice

Your invitation to mindfulness.

The Meditation Bench can help level up your practice by allowing for a comfortable sitting position so that you can meditate for longer times. It comes with a leaflet including suggestions on how to cultivate calmness and observe the mind.

Give the gift of the present moment. 

The Meditation Bench is a serene gift for people in your life you want to encourage. It’s packed in a presentable box ready to be delivered at your doorstep!

What makes the meditation bench unique?

The Meditation Bench is a foldable stool designed to be comfortable and ergonomic to support your daily meditation and mindfulness exercises. Made from sturdy bamboo with a removable seat padding and a carry bag, this mindfulness tool is compact and easy to carry around. It’s available in 2 sized – the large (blue) variation for people >175 cm tall, and the small (green) variation for people <175 cm tall.

Meditationsbank von metaFox

How to use sit on the meditation bench

In order to be present and observe your breath and body sensations during the meditation practice, it is important that your breath can flow freely. Thus your sitting position is crucial. Below are some steps you could follow for your next meditation session:


Sit on your knees.

Sit comfortably on top of the cushion with your knees on the floor, your shins under the bench and your pelvis slightly tipped forward. This position helps in aligning your spine and supports your lower back.


Maintain an upright posture.

Meditation teachers often compare the meditator’s sitting experience with the image of a mountain. Internalise this image in sit like a well-grounded and unshakable mountain.


Be still.

In your sitting position, try to be both calm and alert. Be guided by the natural flow of your breath and observe your thoughts or bodily sensations. Return to your breath whenever you get distracted.

Tips for your meditation practice

The benefits of meditation are attained not from theory, but from experience through a regular practice. Just like training your body in the gym, you can train your mind by sitting down to meditate. Here are a few good reasons and tips to keep you going:


Be present & focused.

In meditation, you usually practice being fully present with your breath. With practice, this ability to stay focused will also benefit your daily life, work and relationships.


Develop Emotional Intelligence.

Observing body sensations during meditation will also make you more aware of your emotions in any given moment. More on the connection between your mind, body and feelings on


Turn your practice into a habit.

Set a specific routine for your meditation practice and gradually build a habit out of it. The metaFox Habit Tracker might be a useful tool for you to make it happen:

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Large / Groß, Small / Klein


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