Virtual Back Office

Follow your passion. Leave the rest to us!

We help you reduce your workload by taking care of the time-consuming aspects of your business.

Running your business is a lot of work!

As a coach or consultant you you wear all types of hats: Expert, Sales, Marketing, IT... The list is never ending! And you probably don't have enough hours in the day for all those urgent tasks. When do you work on important goals and business development?

We're here to help you answer just that!
We help you reduce your workload (and stress levels!) by taking care of the time-consuming aspects of your business. With the Virtual Back Office assisting you, you finally have the time to grow your business and achieve more each day by doing the work that only you can do.

"Just because you can do it – does not mean you have to."

Focusing on what only I could do helps me to create the highest value for metaFox.

Maximilian Friedle
metaFox Co-Founder

We support you in...


Coordinating your work life


Distributing your ideas


Ensuring payments


Pre and post-work of your business

Let us know about other services you need assistance with!


What you get with the Virtual Back Office

Inexpensive Service

Compared to traditional freelancers and assistants, you save costs with us. There are also no ancillary wage costs, recruiting costs and other hidden overhead charges. Just try it!

Simple Administration

The administration is simple. You send us orders via e-mail or Zoom. We process them and send you back the results including evaluation. If you use a task management tool, we are also happy to work directly in your system. Alternatively, we offer close cooperation via the software Asana. Send over your first task today!

Highest Quality Support

We are consultants ourselves and build tools that we like to use. We are happy to support you in your work beyond that. You like our tools? Then you will love this service!

Flexible Availability

You can book an assistant with us for as little as 1 hour per month and have flexible access to all offered services. You can cancel, pause or adjust your service package at any time. Dont be shy - give it a try.

What you pay

You pay in any case. The real question is: Which value do you give your own time?

We want you to make the best of your time, because life is short and full of possibilities. Consider what you enjoy the least about your monthly routines. Think about your hourly rate. Then ask yourself: How would I feel if I could give this task to responsible hands?

You love working with your customers, helping them and their business grow. You enjoy building human connection and enabling insights for your clients. Your time is too valuable for many tasks you can delegate. Give your time its true value – your focus on the work you’re meant to do.

You only have so much time. Use it wisely.

Virtual Back Office

Limited launch price
Hourly net price
  • Absolute confidentiality and understanding.
  • Full flexibility. Start and stop any time.
  • Need more assistance? Scale up easily.
  • Highest quality. Not happy? Get your money back!
Coming soon

How we support you

We work how it suits you best

We understand that you do not just trust anyone with your business. We would also not do that. This is why we offer different modes to work with you - depending on your needs and wishes.

Delegate individual tasks

The easiest way to get started with us is to try it out. Just hand over some simple tasks and get surprised of the quality you receive.

Delegate recurring tasks

Once you see how things work out, we can help you with the recurring tasks. These can also involve regular weekly meetings to check that everything is on track.

Delegate responsibilitiy

Hand over one system, click the play button and see how it works. On its own. Magically. We handle the system responsively and keep you in the loop.

Don't worry, be happy!

What you can be happy about:

Follow your passion.

What you don't have to worry about:

Leave the rest to us.

Questions? Suggestions? Offers?

Leave us a message!

FAQs on Virtual Back Office

You can book our service on an hourly basis. Our launch price is 19.95€/h for now. 

Let us know you are interested and we will get back to you for a first free and nonbinding consultation call. We will evaluate together how we can help you best by going through your monthly routines finding your sweet spots and your pain points. Then we see what we can help you with. If we find we are not a match, we will not try to force sell anything. Promise.

We work how it is easiest for you. For new tasks and responsibilities we would have a call to find out where you are and what you actually need – no strings attached. For regular updates and continuous communication we prefer using the software Asana, but are happy to work with a tool of your choice: be it Email, WhatsApp or phone calls.

We are a very diverse Team from different professional backgrounds including:

  • English literature and learning
  • Adult education and learning
  • Graphic design in multimedia arts and sciences
  • Chemical engineering

But there are aspects that are more important than formal education:

  1. We are fast paced learners. Nobody knows how to run your system but you. Be it travel itinery or color scheme. That’s why it’s important that we quickly align with your needs.
  2. We are responsive communicators and on your side. You will receive an answer to any request within 24 hours. 
  3. Your system of doing things are unique. You know how to run your systems. Show us how to and we will be able to do it for you or even consult on improvement.

See who we are on our About Us page in detail.

It is simple. We do it all ourselves in metaFox, too. We built the competence learning by doing in a fully remote and virtual environment. We can do it for you, too.

You can work with us in German and English, depending on your needs.

We sign a service contract and a confidentiality agreement upon assignment.

Your data will only be stored for the duration of the assignment. After that it will be deleted. In addition, we conclude a non-disclosure agreement.