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Experiential learning offers a tool to forster deep understanding and learning points that truly stick. Its tools and methods are equally relevant to a project management training in business as well as a communication seminar for couples.

However, what does “experiential” actually mean for designing a training block, a seminar day or a training course of several days? Which possibilities do I have as a trainer for shaping and moderating interaction between learners?

Topics a Train-the-trainer event could cover

Didactics & roles of a trainer

Didactics is the science and art of teaching and learning. We take a look at learning and teaching from different scientific perspectives and make them 'experienceable'.

Training Design with the 4MAT model

Structuring a successful training event or session is neither luck nor coincidence. You’re going to learn about the 4MAT model for effectively designing learning experiences.

Kolb learning preferences

David Kolb researched experiential learning in the 1970s. He did not only develop a theory of learning, but also a model which allows us to address all kinds of learning preferences.

Experience & debriefing

A trainer regularly faces participants in emotionally loaded situations. This can happen on purpose or accidentally. Either way, the trainer is responsible to create a safe environment for participants and use 'debriefing' to reflect on strong emotions and draw conclusions and learning points from them.

Facilitation & using the space

Facilitation is the art of including all participants into a session or event. The role of the facilitator one of the most important trainer roles. Moreover, we’ll discuss possibilities to effectively use the training room, walls and positioning for your training.

Visualisation with marker and paper

Visual stimuli and illustrations offer many participants a way to relate and get involved in training. We will dive into simple but efficient techniques for visualisation and designing visual materials.

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