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Strengths Compass for Identifying Strengths and Discovering Resources

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The metaFox Strengths Compass offers a detailed overview of personal strengths, providing a valuable resource for identifying and understanding strengths in coaching and resource-based processes. It can help your clients and individuals find their strength and encourage them to embrace it in various aspects of their lives.

✔ Offers a comprehensive strengths vocabulary, everyday examples to optimize strengths usage, and prompts for a reflection process that coaches and therapists can use in a 1-on-1 setting.
✔ Support personal reflection on one’s resources and finding signature strengths.
✔ Excellent tool for facilitating appreciative feedback among team members.

Non-violent communication, emotional intelligence, therapy, counseling, coaching, soft skills training, discovering personal resources in seminars, training and further education, reflection

Package Contents

  • One A4 page in high quality offset printing
  • Laminated with 250 micron film on both sides
  • Highly stable, waterproof and for everyday use