Values Cards ‘What Really Matters!’ – 80 coaching cards for coaching, workshops & therapy


Values cards to discover, prioritize, and live what matters most to you!

The ‘What Really Matters!’ values cards help to clarify what’s important to you, your clients and participants. Being aware of the values that we prioritize in the various aspects of our lives helps us understand what drives and motivates our behavior – and can open up a different perspective or lead to a new way of living our lives. At the same time, knowing how to read other people’s values and taking these into consideration in our interactions make us better friends, effective leaders, and more loving partners and family members.

Each card has the value in capital letters, an icon to visualize it, the value’s definition on the back and the color to represent its category
✔ 9 categories of values are inspired by Shalom H. Schwartz’s well-established research on basic human values
High-quality and durable values cards with rounded corners for multiple reuse

Coaching, therapy, team building, workshops, personal reflection

Package Contents

  • 80 values cards made from 400gsm paper with glossy coating on both sides
  • Full-colored product literature with tips and toolkit on using the values cards
  • Sturdy and compact box that is travel friendly and keeps your cards safely stored


metaFox 'What Really Matters!' values cards

values cards to discover, prioritize & live what matters most to you

Find out the guiding forces behind your attitudes and behavior with these values cards. Understand your main motivations by sorting out the values that are most important to you. Grow your empathy for others with the awareness of what matters to them. Learn to appreciate and respect people’s values that might be different from yours.


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What makes these values cards unique?

The ‘What Really Matters!’ values cards are 80 coaching cards made from high-quality and durable materials. Each card has the value in capital letters, an icon visualizing it, the value’s definition on the back, and the color representing its category. Optional cards have a plus sign on them – you can remove these cards if you want to work with a smaller selection. This values card set is inspired by Shalom H. Schwartz’s well-established research on basic human values. These values cards are carefully selected to guide you in prioritizing and living by your core values!

Values cards from metaFox

What are these values cards good for?



Team building


How to use the values cards?

Values are the motivational bases of attitudes and behavior. Discovering the values that we have or want to have can provide tremendous insight and direction for our personal development.

These are some suggestions on how to use the ‘What really matters!’ card deck in various coaching situations. You can also create new and unique ways of using them based on your experience and imagination.

The Values Journey

To facilitate self-discovery and manifest priority values in daily life


Ask: "What drives my behavior?"
Pick values cards to answer. When unsure, refer to the definition.


Analyze the values you discovered by rating them in order of importance considering the amount of time and energy you spend on each.


Reflect: "What values do I aspire for?"
Choose values cards to answer. Read the definitions for clarity.


Develop strategies for expressing your desired values.
Ask: "What concrete next step/s can I take?"


Have an accountability partner to share your progress and struggles with.

For One-on-One Coaching

  • Ask your client to divide the deck into two stacks: values that are important and not important to them.
  • Ask them to further divide the “important” values into two: more important and less important. Then, have them select their 5 most important values.
  • Follow your intuition on how to facilitate your client’s journey to self-discovery and decision-making.

For Group Coaching

Participants can have one deck of cards each. Ask them to present their 5 most important values to the group. Encourage sharing and interaction among participants.

Some questions you can ask:

  • How did your values shape your behavior?
  • What would it be like if you could manifest your chosen values every day?

Create your own values cards!

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