‘Thank you’ postcards – 20 fun & colorful cards to say thanks & for gratitude journaling


‘Thank you’ postcards to send to people you’re grateful for!

Thank you. Such a simple yet profound way of appreciating what we have in life. Express your gratitude and thank people with the metaFox ‘Thank You’ cards!

✔ Playful postcards to say a sincere thank you
Blank space on the back for your thank you notes or gratitude journaling
Beautiful and functional packaging for easy access and storage

Gratitude journaling, self-reflection, expressing thanks, postcard exchange

Package Contents

  • 20 postcards and an instruction card in German
  • International standard postcard size – A6 format (5.8 in x 4.1 in | 14.8 cm x 10.5 cm). Front image with matte lacquer for an elegant look and feel.
  • Made with high-quality 250gsm cardboard from 100% FSC certified paper sources.


metaFox becoming 'Thank you' postcards

thank you postcards to express your heartfelt thanks

Appreciate the goodness in your life!

Express your gratitude to the people who make your life wonderful. 

Make someone’s day with a thoughtful and sweet message of thanks. Choose from the various designs of the ‘Thank you’ cards and match them with a person you want to encourage.

What makes the thank you postcards unique?

‘Thank you’ postcards is a set of 20 playful and fun cards to encourage you to appreciate the good things in your life. Try the 20-day gratefulness challenge by writing what you’re thankful for the day on the back side of each thank you postcard.


How to use the thank you postcards

Here are more great ideas on how you can use the ‘Thank you’ postcards. If you have a unique way of using these cards, please share it with us – hello@metaFox.eu


Send a ‘Thank you’ postcard

Let people know how grateful you are for their presence and impact in your life. Send them a “Thank you” card! Surprise your significant other with a heartfelt message of appreciation for all that they do. Tell your parents how thankful you are for their support. Write your friends thank-you notes for being there through ups and downs.


Write 3 things you’re grateful for today

A grateful attitude leads to a happier life. Cultivate gratitude in your daily life. Take one card each day and write down 3 things that made you say “Thank you!” Challenge yourself to a 20-day gratitude (postcard) journal!

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