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Make someone smile today, give a metaFox gift card!

For that special person in your life, for a great mentor, for a good friend, for a cherished relative, for someone celebrating their birthday, for anyone you’d like to encourage – the metaFox gift card is a wonderful choice to show you’re thinking of them! You choose how much you’d like to give and your gift card recipient can select the coaching tool(s) they’d like to have.

It’s easy-peasy! Here’s how it works:

  1. Fill in the fields below. Choose your gift card’s amount from 25€ to 100€.
  2. Enter the sender’s name, e.g., your name.
  3. Write a gift message for the recipient of the gift card.
  4. Enter the recipient’s name.
  5. Proceed to checkout and enter your details. Enter your email address that will receive the e-voucher.
  6. Purchase the gift card via your preferred payment method.
    NOTE: Please don’t use the “Pay by invoice” method if you want to receive your gift card immediately. Using this option can cause delays in your purchase.
  7. After your payment is completed, you’ll receive your e-voucher in your email.
  8. You can either print your gift card and give to your special person or, better yet, simply forward the email to them and save on paper.
  9. The e-voucher contains a code that your recipient can use to purchase products on the metaFox Shop. They can input this code on the “Apply Coupon” field upon checkout.

Tada! You’re happy to give a wonderful gift. Your special person is grateful for your thoughtfulness. And we’re very glad to offer you this service.



Every day can be a gift-giving day!

Surprise someone with a wonderful gift and make their day. Give your special person the gift of choosing their very own personal development tool.

Give a metaFox gift card today!

When can I use this gift card?

You’re welcome to use the metaFox gift card whenever you want or need to. It’s a big thing to make someone’s day with a simple gesture of kindness and generosity. 

Here are some occasions perfect for giving the metaFox gift card to people you care about.

To celebrate a birthday

To show you care


To encourage someone

To give a unique surprise

How does it work?

Choose the gift card amount. Create your gift card by filling in the fields above. Choose the amount you’d like to give from 25€ to 100€. 


Enter the sender’s name and recipient’s name, and write your gift message. Define the sender and recipient and add a thoughtful message. When you’re done writing, click on the “Add to basket” button.


Proceed to checkout and enter your details. You’ll be required to enter your details including your email address to which the gift card/e-voucher will be sent to. 


Purchase the gift card and receive the e-voucher. Buy the gift card through your preferred payment option. 

NOTE: Please don’t use the “Pay by invoice” option if you want to receive the e-voucher immediately. Using this payment method can cause delays in your order.


Give the gift card to your special person. After receiving the e-voucher in your email, you can print and give it as a gift. Alternatively, you can also simply forward the email to the person you want to give the gift card to.


Use the gift card code on the metaFox Shop. The gift card/e-voucher recipient can immediately use their coupon code to purchase coaching tools on the metaFox shop. They only have to input the code in the “Apply coupon” field during checkout.


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