metaFox deep pictures ‘Growing Together’ – 52 picture cards and questions for team building & team development


The metaFox deep pictures combine 52 evocative image cards and powerful coaching questions for adults in one card set. The deep pictures ‘Growing Together’ help with team building, as well as discovering potential or solving conflicts in a group. Images and questions are designed to support a team to focus on its strengths or share what is unsaid – to help the group to “grow together”.

Images depicting group and team membership
Suitable questions about group processes and cooperation
52 picture cards to support team development

Team coaching, soft skills training, icebreaker, training, adult education, seminar, workshops, team building, leadership training, life coaching, therapy and counseling

Package Contents

  • 52 postcards and an overview card with suggestions for how to use them
  • A6 format (14.8 cm x 10.5 cm), front with matt lacquer for an elegant look and feel
  • Stable 250g cardboard from 100% FSC certified sources


metaFox deep pictures Growing Together

Conversation fuel towards psychologically safe teams​

The metaFox deep pictures combine 52 powerful images with coaching questions on the backside of each card. The deep pictures “Growing Together” helps unlock the hidden potential of teams or resolve conflicts within a group.

How to use the deep pictures Growing Together

The deep pictures “Growing Together” can be a valuable tool for effective coaching and to help conversations emerge. You can try different methods:

A trigger for conversation

When starting your retrospective, your supervision or a strategic meeting, make space for people to discuss team processes they see. Spread the cards, images facing up, in front of your team. Invite people to “take a card which is your personal metaphor for where we are as a team.” Let people share their image card to visually represent the group’s state and illustrate the coaching journey.

A facilitation tool for appreciation and feedback

Use these coaching cards in a team-building exercise: with small groups of 3-5 people, and the images spread out openly, let everyone select one card each for everyone else. Every participant will end up with cards as appreciative feedback from everyone else in their group. Read more on this method here.

Coaching cards for managers - questions to dig deep

In order to uncover, address and resolve specific processes within the team, you can choose a set of questions which feel relevant to the group and its state and invite your team members to choose which of these questions, arranged in your selection, they consider most relevant to discuss now. In this way, you can coach your team without needing coaching skills.

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