‘Live Your Life’ inspirational quote cards – 20 postcards for daily affirmation & positivity


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Inspirational quote cards for motivation and encouragement!

One life. That’s all you have. So muster up the courage to live your life to the fullest! Be inspired to follow your passion with metaFox becoming’s ‘Live Your Life’ postcards. Listen to the voice within and start living your best life!

✔ Colorful quote cards for inspiration and visual reminders
Blank space on the back for journaling or sending as postcards
Beautiful and functional packaging for easy access and storage

Self-reflection, daily affirmation, journaling, postcard exchange

Package Contents

  • 20 postcards and an instruction card in German
  • International standard postcard size – A6 format (5.8 in x 4.1 in | 14.8 cm x 10.5 cm). Front image with matte lacquer for an elegant look and feel.
  • Made with high-quality 250gsm cardboard from 100% FSC certified paper sources.


metaFox becoming 'Live Your Life' postcards

inspirational quote cards for motivation & encouragement

Your one life to live.

Develop a positive mindset. These postcards offer a variety of motivational quotes paired with supportive images for your daily dose of inspiration and empowerment. 

Realize your life goals. Set out to achieve your goals by using these quote cards as beautiful visual reminders to keep going and make your dreams a reality.

What makes the inspirational quote cards unique?

‘Live Your Life’ postcards is a set of 20 colorful inspirational quote cards to motivate and encourage you to seize the day. The inspiring quotes are wonderful for your daily affirmation, journaling, or for sending to someone you want to cheer up and support.

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How to use these inspirational quote cards

Here are more great ideas on how you can use the ‘Live Your Life’ postcards. If you have a unique way of using these cards, please share it with us – hello@metaFox.eu


Make the most of each day

Put these quote cards on your desk or wall as visual reminders that life is short – you have to make the most out of it. Use the cards as your daily source of gentle push to create the life you’ve always wanted.


Encourage someone today

Sometimes, the littlest of things can cheer someone up. Send the ‘Live Your Life’ postcards to the people you care about. Match a card with a person in your life and write how they inspire you. Tell them how you imagine their best life could look like!

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