Coaching Picture Cards ‘Growing Together’ – Motivational cards for teambuilding, coaching & training sessions


Motivational cards to facilitate open communication in the team and foster good relationships among the group! 

The ‘Growing Together’ Coaching Cards are perfect as conversation starter cards or visual prompts in teambuilding activities and group events that promote teamwork. These motivational cards show beautiful images focused on the theme of team work and working together as a group.

✔ Beautiful images relating to group dynamics
High-quality and durable coaching cards with rounded corners for multiple reuse
✔ Leaflet with suggestion on how to use the cards

Team building, workshops, group coaching, group therapy, conflict resolution in organizations, leadership training, seminar, icebreaker

Package Contents

  • 52 coaching cards made from 400gsm paper with glossy coating on both sides
  • Leaflet with method in 4 languages (EN, DE, FR, and ES)
  • Sturdy and compact box that is travel friendly and keeps your cards safely stored


metaFox 'Growing Together' Coaching Cards

motivational cards for teambuilding, workshop & training sessions

Strengthen your team’s relationship with each other. Use these coaching cards in building strong connections with your team members and fostering open communication during group sharing or icebreakers. 

Make your teambuilding more enjoyable. Ditch the boring group gatherings and use these conversation starter cards as icebreaker or for having fun communication games with your teammates!

What makes these motivational cards unique?

The ‘Growing Together’ coaching cards show beautiful pictures of team work and group dynamics. These picture cards can help surface team members’ strengths, struggles, and sentiments in teambuilding or workshop sessions. These motivational cards are made from high-quality cardboard paper and comes in a sturdy box for secure and safe storage. Its compact and travel-friendly format makes it easy to carry and use everywhere. 


What are these motivational cards good for?




How to use these motivational cards

Use this method in coaching, trainings and workshops, for personal reflection or with friends:


With everyone sitting in a circle, spread the cards on the floor or table, picture facing upwards.


Invite everyone to choose one card for themselves. You might use questions like these to guide the search for cards:
How do you feel right now?
What is one of your goals for the coming year?
What do you take from today?


Invite a few or all players to share how their card answers the question.


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