Emotions and Needs Compass Bundle for emotional intelligence & nonviolent communication


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We hear your request, your two favorite metaFox content summaries are now available in a single purchase!

The metaFox Emotions and Needs Compass Bundle is a set of two content-at-a-glance tools to help you or your client develop a deeper understanding of emotions and needs. These coaching tools are structured in a simple way making them easy to use. The chosen categories in the compasses are useful guides in your coaching or self-development process. The concepts included are mainly based on Nonviolent Communication (NVC).


  • Coaching and therapy sessions
  • Emotional intelligence and leadership training
  • Seminars for nonviolent communication
  • Social work and team supervisions
  • Personal development and self-reflection


Package Contents

  • Two A4 paper in high-quality offset printing
  • Laminated with 250-micron film on both sides, round corners
  • Highly stable, waterproof and for everyday use
  • Plus white envelope in 140 gsm offset paper to hold the compasses together


metaFox Emotions and Needs Compass Bundle

Compasses to point you towards emotional intelligence and NVC

The metaFox Emotions and Needs Compass Bundle consists of two complementary coaching tools designed to develop your emotional intelligence and assist your nonviolent communication practice. These compasses will help you identify, recognize and name your emotions and needs – fundamental skills in becoming emotionally intelligent and in practicing compassionate communication.


One of the first steps to holistic health and wellbeing is self-awareness. We created the Emotions Compass to aid you in enhancing your self-knowledge.

Identifying and naming emotions is often not easy. It’s sometimes frustrating when you cannot find the right vocabulary to express what you feel. Questions like “What emotion am I feeling?” are often overlooked and pushed aside because people have difficulty naming their own feelings.

The metaFox Emotions Compass offers a clear overview of selected emotion families, body reactions, and thoughts all sorted according to their associated energy levels. This tool aims to help you get in touch with your emotions and be better at handling them whenever they’re experienced. 

Two main categories

Categorized and sorted overview of pleasant and unpleasant emotions

Gefühlselemente für Coaching

Thoughts & Physical Sensations

Get to know emotions through body awareness and thoughts

Colors indicating energy levels

Warm and cool colors corresponding to the activation levels of emotions

Concise info on emotions

Brief explanation of how emotions developed and how to deal with them

Recognizing your personal and social needs is the key to taking the next possible actions that will satisfy them. The Needs Compass is a valuable learning resource to help identify, understand, and express your needs. 

When you are aware of what is most important in your life, your needs, you can start making ways to meet them and live a fulfilled life. And you can begin by clearly communicating your needs to people who can help you meet them.

Having a deep familiarity with your needs will also make you sensitive and considerate to the needs of others. Thus, you begin to see how people’s actions are influenced by their needs.

Der Bedürfniskompass ist in zwei Hauptkategorien unterteilt: soziale und individuelle Bedürfnisse

Two main categories

Structured into “Social Needs” and “Personal Needs”

Der Bedürfniskompass bietet Kontext, entsprechende Symbolik, Bedarfsfamilien und spezifische Anforderungen

Other useful categories

Organized further by “Context”, “Family of Needs” and “Needs”

Der Bedürfniskompass hat Infos zum Erkennen und Ausdrücken von Bedürfnissen auf der Grundlage von gewaltfreier Kommunikation

Colors & icons for easy association

Warmer colors for immediate needs and cooler colors for long term needs

Der Bedürfniskompass bietet einen hilfreichen Rahmen, um die Art der Bedürfnisse zu verstehen

Concise info on needs

Provides short information about needs with essential concepts and practical advice

How emotions and needs are connected in nonviolent communication

According to Marshall Rosenberg’s theory of nonviolent communication, our needs can be understood as the roots of our emotions. When our needs are not met, we feel unpleasant emotions like anger and fear. Conversely, we feel pleasant ones like enthusiasm and happiness when they are fulfilled. 

Thus, your feelings and emotions are signposts and signals of your met or unmet needs.

Effectively communicating these emotions and needs makes it easier for you and the people around you to work on satisfying them. But because most of us weren’t taught to think in terms of feelings and needs, expressing them to ourselves and others is surprisingly difficult in daily life.

This is the challenge that the metaFox Emotions and Needs Compass Bundle hopes to address. That by developing your ability to label and understand your emotions and needs, we can help you become emotionally intelligent and able to compassionately communicate with people.

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