deep pictures ‘Pathways of Life’ – 52 photo postcards to start conversations & deepen relations in life coaching & therapy


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Photo postcards of pathways as metaphors and visual triggers for life coaching, therapy, or personal reflection.

The deep pictures ‘Pathways of Life’ invites you to take heart and find your way. Gain insight and inspiration from a variety of pathway images to choose from. Set off on an adventure and bravely walk on your own pathway of life. Enjoy the trip!

Photo postcards of different kinds of pathways
Blank space on the back to write your reflections
Beautiful and functional packaging for easy access and storage

Coaching, therapy, self-reflection, soft skills training, seminars, icebreakers in training, life coaching, counselling, deep conversations with friends, group activities

Package Contents

  • 52 coaching cards and an instruction card in 4 languages (English, German, French, and Spanish)
  • International standard postcard size – A6 format (5.8 in x 4.1 in | 14.8 cm x 10.5 cm). Front image with matte lacquer for an elegant look and feel.
  • Made with high-quality 250gsm cardboard from 100% FSC certified paper sources.


metaFox deep pictures 'Pathways of Life'

photo postcards for life coaching & therapy

Walk on your own pathway.

Reflect on your journey with these varied and beautiful pathway images to inspire associations and exploration on the different paths of your life.

These photo postcards can help your participants and clients dig deeper, find answers to their questions, and take action.

What makes the content unique?

‘Pathways of Life’ is a set of 52 postcards with varied and interesting pictures of pathways. This deck is a purely photo postcard set, without any questions on the back, allowing you to freely ask your coachee or client the coaching question they need. 


How to use these photo postcards in life coaching & therapy?

You can follow the simple steps below or create your own way of using the cards. If you have an interesting or unique method of using the ‘Pathways of Life’ cards, please share it with us –


Reflect on your path.

Spread the cards. Guide your client in choosing an image with questions like: Where do I come from? What have I learned along the way? Which experience/s shaped who I am now?


Consider your journey.

Explore your client’s associations with their image. Let them ask: Where am I now? Why am I going this way? Who can guide me?


Head towards your destination.

Have your client pick another image that represents where they want to be in the future. Use guide questions such as: Where do I want to go? How can I arrive at my dream destination? What’s stopping me from walking on my own pathway?

What our clients say

Psychosocial Centers REFUGIO Thüringen e.V.

In our work with refugees, our clients often deal with the issue of decision-making – where do I want to go, do I stay, do I go back… Here, the deep pictures sets “Doorway Effects” and “Pathways of Lifes”, as well as the “Life Dreams” can be used very well.

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