deep pictures ‘ORIGINAL’ – 52 postcards with powerful images and coaching questions for adults

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Images are one of the most powerful forms of sensory perception. Questions have the ability to determine our lives. The metaFox deep pictures combine both in one postcard set. What seems to be a simple postcard with a beautiful picture on the front becomes a coaching tool for reflection when you flip the card and on the back find a suitable, evocative coaching question.

Images sparking associations with different kinds of moods
Questions dealing with a variety of personal development issues
52 picture cards for a wide range of uses

Coaching, soft skills training, icebreakers in training, advanced training, seminars, team building, leadership training, life coaching, therapy and counselling

Package Content

  • 52 coaching cards and an overview card with suggestions for how to use them
  • A6 format (14.8 cm x 10.5 cm), front with matt lacquer for an elegant look and feel
  • Stable 250g cardboard from 100% FSC certified sources


metaFox deep pictures

Picture cards for conversation and reflection

Our passion for personal development led us to create a coaching tool that is the ‘metaFox deep pictures’ – a postcard set of 52 picture cards with coaching questions. On the front side a beautiful image, on the back side of each card a matching, powerful coaching question for adults.

Postcards with impulse questions – for coaching, soft skills training, icebreaker in training, further education, seminar, team-building, leadership training, life coaching, therapy and consulting.

What makes the content unique?

The deep pictures ‘ORIGINAL’ offer a great selection of image/question pairings on various talking points. This set of cards can evoke many interesting and surprising metaphors and associations. The questions are chosen to match the pictures and together they offer a fun and productive way to start talking about personal development topics. As the first deck of the deep pictures series, you can use the “ORIGINAL” deck as an all-around set for many areas of application and different kinds of situations.


The deep pictures in action

The deep pictures can be useful in different situations: when it is time to make big decisions or when it is time to gain energy for everyday life or to regain the view of the big picture.

If you want a change in life...

…the deep pictures can be a reflection tool: select one card per week, take time to answer their question and use the picture as an anchor on your pinboard.

If you're a coach or a trainer...

…you can help your clients get creative: Use the cards for an assessment exercise. Invite the participants to write their ideas on the back and take the card home. Read more about it.

If you want to stimulate deep conversation...

…you can use the cards as a game with friends. Spread the cards on the table and choose the pictures that appeal to you. In a second step, discuss the questions on the back of the cards. Read more.

The deep pictures in workshops, teams and reflection


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What the users say

“I use the deep pictures of metaFox to gather associations of my participants on a workshop topic. Using the images, I experience time and time again that participants share their thoughts much more concretely. Especially academics tend to hide their feelings behind fancy phrases; through working with images, we bring their thoughts to the ground and talk straight.”

– Eva, freelance trainer & organisational developer at ETH Zürich

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A versatile tool for successful change – further suggestions for concrete application as impulse cards in a seminar, in team or in conversations you can find in our blog.

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6 reviews for deep pictures ‘ORIGINAL’ – 52 postcards with powerful images and coaching questions for adults

  1. Jason Leung

    I have a weekly meeting with two close friends that we discuss what’s been going on with our lives and what we’re up to. We give each other advice and help on any projects they’re pursuing as well as making actionable items to follow up on every week for what we’re working on. Last week I brought up the cards and did a few questions which was great. We all took turns answering the questions and telling stories relating to that question. Overall it was an intimate discussion and sharing our appreciation for each other.

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  2. Little dragon

    good quality – multiple uses in workshops

    A good alternative to the other coaching picture cards or use as I have to augment the barefoot coaching cards for bigger groups

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  3. america bravo

    Great Postcards

    This is such a good product. 50 beautiful postcards, just bought two packs and happy bunny here. I’m in a group called postcards of kindness and we send postcards to residents homes around the uk.

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  4. Hazel

    Great for goal setting in workshops

    I use these in workshops to help participants with goal setting. The images are strong with a matt finish.

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  5. Konstantza

    Amazing deep photos

    Perfect quality pictures from durably made material. You can use these in a versatile way. They can be food for thought or as representations for something you already have in mind. What I like most about these is that they allow for your own interpretation and projections, so they work very well in therapy for providing imagery and allowing reflections.

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  6. Julie Connell

    Coaching cards

    A great tool for any coach to use.

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