deep pictures ‘Gallery of Emotions’ – 52 abstract art postcards for therapy, coaching, and reflection


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Your deep-seated feelings and thoughts are waiting to be discovered. The deep pictures ‘Gallery of Emotions’ already framed these unknown and vague emotions for you through the use of evocative abstract artworks in postcard format. These artworks are carefully curated to bring light to different associations and get to know yourself better in the process.

✔ Diverse abstract illustrations to encourage free associations
✔ Balanced selection of artworks to represent various colors, styles, and moods
✔ Comes in a sturdy and beautiful packaging for secured storage and aesthetic display

Coaching, therapy, soft skills training, self-reflection, icebreakers in training, seminars, life coaching, counselling, deep conversations with friends, group activities

Package Contents

  • 52 coaching cards and an instruction card in 4 languages (English, German, French, and Spanish)
  • International standard postcard size – A6 format (5.8 in x 4.1 in | 14.8 cm x 10.5 cm). Front image with matte lacquer for an elegant look and feel.
  • Made with high-quality 250gsm cardboard from 100% FSC certified paper sources.


metaFox deep pictures 'Gallery of Emotions'

abstract art postcards for coaching & therapy

Your emotions are waiting to be seen.

The deep pictures ‘Gallery of Emotions’ invites you to sit with yourself and listen to your emotions through the use of powerful abstract artworks. Behind every color, shape, and stroke are your emotions waiting to be unveiled.

What makes the content unique?

Created by artist and therapist, Nora Pauckstadt, in collaboration with metaFox, these abstract art postcards encourage a subjective interpretation from the viewer. The ‘Gallery of Emotions’ card set invites everyone to freely associate feelings and experiences to a variety of abstract illustrations, much like how we might see different things or meanings when we look at the same painting.

Abstract art postcards for coaching and therapy

How to use these abstract art postcards in therapy & coaching

Help your clients open up and talk about things that matter to them. Use the ‘Gallery of Emotions’ as visual triggers to get them to start talking. You can follow the simple steps below or create your own way of using the cards.


Spread the cards.
Ask your client to choose a picture that resonates with what they are feeling.


Dig deeper into your client's associations with the picture.
How do they connect to what's happening in their life?


Guide your client on what they want to do with their emotions.
Do they wish to accept, redirect, or transform them?

The artist and her work

Nora Pauckstadt works as a therapist and helps people have a greater awareness of their emotions. With the use of digital tools, she creates abstract artworks for she believes in the power of visual communication as a way to inspire different interpretations and evoke a range of moods and feelings.

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