deep pictures ‘Dreamland’ – 52 illustration postcards for mapping your ideal self through your dreams


The metaFox deep pictures combine 52 evocative image cards and powerful coaching questions for adults in one card set. The deep pictures ‘Dreamland’ set is the first metaFox card set created with beautiful illustrations to make the world of your sweet dreams come alive. In addition to its magical illustration art, ‘Dreamland’ is a coaching tool designed to help you reflect on your dreams and their meanings. It also helps to motivate you in making your dreams come true. Now available in German and English.

✔ Dreamy illustrations paired with meaningful questions
✔ Structured in three stages: past dreams, present dreams, future dreams
✔ Versatile and can be used in many settings such as in conversation games with friends, a fun group activity or for personal motivation and inspiration

Coaching, soft skills training, self-reflection, icebreakers in training, seminars, life coaching, therapy and counselling, deep conversations with friends, group activities

Package Contents

  • 52 coaching cards and an overview card with suggestions for how to use them
  • International standard postcard size – A6 format (5.8 in x 4.1 in | 14.8 cm x 10.5 cm). Front image with matte lacquer for an elegant look and feel.
  • Made with high-quality 250gsm cardboard from 100% FSC certified paper sources.


The deep pictures 'Dreamland'

Sitting back and reflecting upon the life you are dreaming about is such a tough task in a world that always has something to say. These coaching cards encourage us to gently return and reconnect to that ideal self we once built. It helps us contemplate on our past dreams, current goals, and future aspirations. Aside from that, this card set allows us to pursue, ignite, and keep our doors open for dreams to come. Each card will bring you one step closer to setting your feet on your own dreamland!

What makes the content unique?

‘Dreamland’ is the first of its kind in the deep pictures series to use evocative illustrations of magical dreamworlds paired with insightful questions to help you reflect on your dreams in life. This card set will encourage you to take action and work towards your dream life after the reflecting process or a session.

The three stages of 'Dreamland'

Past Dreams

Reconcile with your past self by remembering you’re letting go, celebrating, learning.

Present Dreams

Inspire and motivate yourself to pursue your personal development.

Future Dreams

Allow yourself to be open to life’s plans and possibilities.


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