deep pictures ‘Beziehungsweise’ – 52 picture cards with questions about relationship work, for couples and their wedding


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The metaFox deep pictures combine 52 evocative image cards and powerful coaching questions in one card deck. The deep pictures ‘Beziehungsweise’ offer a basis for meaningful conversations about a couple’s relationship. With beautifully romantic pictures and 52 questions from the categories Experiencing Together, Growing Together, and Living Together.

Pictures with romantic motifs of togetherness
Questions about the important areas of romantic relationships
52 picture cards as a wedding present and game for couples

Deep conversations in a long-term partnership or for those new in love, couples therapy, self-coaching among couples, relationship work

Package Contents

  • 52 postcards and an overview card with suggestions for how to use them
  • A6 format (14.8 cm x 10.5 cm), front with matt lacquer for an elegant look and feel
  • Stable 250g cardboard from 100% FSC certified sources


The deep pictures 'Beziehungsweise'

The beautiful photographs of the deep pictures ‘Beziehungsweise’ symbolise romantic partnerships – sometimes adorably kitsch like a wreath of flowers and hearts, sometimes deep and meaningful like a path into the unknown. Unlike the other deep pictures card sets, the questions here are not addressed to “you”, the viewer, but formulated in the passive so that, for instance, they can be answered by wedding guests as best wishes greetings for the newlywed couple.

What makes the content unique?

The metaFox deep pictures Beziehungsweise set explores important areas of romantic relationships. This set is designed specifically to be used in a wedding where 52 guests of the bride and groom get a card each. Each guest has to send the card to the couple sometime in the future so that the couple gets one card every week for a year (or for 52 weeks) following their wedding. The cards are numbered 1-52 to represent the next 52 weeks after the marriage.


Experiencing Together

Experiencing married life together with your partner is the focus of this category. Share your ideas and ideals on how you both want to experience things along each other. 

Growing Together

Your growth as a couple takes center stage. How you learn in your partnership and the joint adventures you want to take are explored in the images and questions of this category. 

Living Together

The various aspects of living together are tackled in this category. Understand and imagine how you and your loved one can build a home together and achieve your goals in life side by side. 

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