metaFox “Creative Freedom” – Blank Postcards Pack – 50 Blank Cards for creative writing & painting


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The metaFox Blank Postcards encourage you to explore your creative side, express yourself freely and share your beautiful works of art with friends and loved ones.

✔ Each blank card is a canvas for you to unleash your creativity
✔ Explore your creative freedom on your own or with friends and loved ones
✔ Blank cards for you to use in various ways and contexts

Personal reflection, therapy and counselling, group activity, icebreakers in training

Package Content

  • 50 plain, white cards for your creative freedom
  • International standard postcard size – A6 format (14.8 cm x 10.5 cm).
  • Made with 300g cardboard from 100% FSC certified sources


metaFox Blank Postcards

White postcards perfect as mindfulness gifts

The metaFox Blank Postcards bring the gift of creative freedom. These blank cards provide the space to unleash your creativity and express yourself freely – your imagination is the limit!

What makes the content unique?

With our blank postcards, you can use all the available space for painting, drawing, writing or handlettering. Or be a minimalist and let your creation stand out on a white background – it all depends on what creative idea you want to realize on each blank card. Plus, you can send the cards you’ve created as postcards to people you care about. Send personalised ‘Happy Birthday’ greeting cards to your friends and family. Create a card for a special someone for no reason but to say they make you happy and you appreciate their presence in your life. Use these cards to make thoughtful gifts, handmade with your love.


Creative freedom with metaFox Blank Postcards

The Blank Postcards are high-quality cards that you can use however you like. They are versatile and you can send each card on the mail to share your creation with a friend or a loved one.

Painting, Drawing and Illustration

  • BLANK CANVAS for you to be as creative as you want to be using your favorite art materials.
  • ART THERAPY tool for you to release your feelings through creative means.

Writing and Handlettering

  • STURDY PAPER for your writing and handlettering needs.
  • HIGH-QUALITY material that makes writing and handlettering more enjoyable.

Arts and Crafts

  • MULTIPURPOSE cards also for arts and crafts.
  • SHAREABLE for a fun, creative time together with friends and family. Or give as gifts.


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