Question Cards ‘About Us’ – 101 conversation starter cards game for getting to know friends & teammates


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The deep questions ‘About Us’ help people to connect and get to know each other on a deeper level. At its core, this card deck is a tool and game designed to help you connect with your team or (new) friends in a more personal way. Now available in German.

✔ Interesting and fun conversation starter cards grouped into 6 categories
✔ Fun card games for adults – play a friendly competition or use as a conversation starter with friends
✔ A unique teambuilding activity to foster trust and psychological safety

Making friends, getting to know people, teambuilding, group activities, group interaction, personal development, coaching, training and workshop

Package Contents

  • 101 question cards plus 5 extra cards with suggestions for use and rules in playing
  • Travel-friendly and compact format (4.3 in x 2.7 in | 11 cm x 7.0 cm) and rounded corners, front with matt lacquer for an elegant look and feel
  • Made with stable 400gsm cardboard from 100% FSC certified paper sources


metaFox deep questions 'About Us'

conversation starter cards for getting to know people

We designed the ‘About Us’ card deck as a fun conversation starter for friends and groups to get to know each other better through meaningful sharing. You can decide how you want to use these cards – fun and full of laughter, relaxed and easy-going, or deep and serious!

What makes the content unique?

We created these cards to be played anywhere, anytime and with anyone. The ideal conditions for this game are an open heart, a curious mind and a willingness to be vulnerable in front of each other. Thus, we carefully curated the questions into 6 insightful categories: Your experiences, World view, Let’s get personal, Get active!, Future & goals and Family & relationships.


The 6 categories of 'About Us'

Get to know your friends or teammates in fresh & fun ways with these meaningful deep questions categories. 

A person facing a winding road and some trees

Your experience

Reflect on your past and share how you became who you are today.

Outline of the world as a globe

World view

Discuss what you think about the world, society and politics.

Outline of a human head with a heart inside it

Let’s get personal

Focus on YOU and your inner self. Go even deeper than usual – be unafraid to bare your soul.

A triangle pointing to the right inside a circle

Get active!

Explore how you currently spend your time and what meaningful or fun activities you’d like to do.

A person with one arm raised, reaching for a star

Future & goals

Talk about your dreams and plans – what you always wanted to do and why.

Icons of three people inside a circle

Family & relationships

Get to know what you’ve got from your parents or what’s important to you in a partnership or friendship.

The rules of the "Get to Know" game

Feeling like a friendly competition is what your group needs? Play a unique  question card game with ‘About Us’ and get to know your friends or colleagues as you’ve never done before. Game on!

An outline of a horse's head, some cards, a die, and a chess piece

The different kind of strategy game

The deep questions can be a competitive card game of question and answer, educated guessing, and strategic betting. Even in this version, the number one rule is to be open and vulnerable and answer deep, personal, philosophical and funny questions. The purpose of the game is to get to know the players better, learn unexpected things about one another and, of course, to win!

Outline of a square with little circles and dashes inside it


Before starting the game, prepare a bunch of small pieces of paper (in the amount of ‘players * rounds’), the “answer cards” for each player. Moreover, each player should prepare one “truth sheet”, a table with rows of players and a column for each round.

A person sitting down behind a desk and a speech bubble with a question mark


Each round has a different player as the metaRator, who moderates the round. The metaRator selects a random card and reads out its question. All players write their personal answer on a simple piece of paper, their “answer card”.

Icon of a person with a hand point to it and a card with a question mark


The answer cards are given to the metaRator who mixes them and reads them out loud one by one. While reading out, the metaRator assigns a number or a one-word summary to each answer.

A hand with a pencil poised to write


While the metaRator reads out the answers, all players match each answer to the player it belongs to and write their guess on their “truth sheet”.

A roulette with little stars on both its sides

High-stakes option

A player can now place an all-or-nothing bet on their answers if they’re very sure that all their person-answer combinations are correct. If so, their points are doubled! But if they get even just one person-answer combination wrong, they end up with zero points in that round.

Two overlapping speech bubbles, one with a thunder symbol inside it and the other with a heart

All cards on the table

After all bets (if any) are placed, the metaRator once again reads the answers and the players each “confess”. If you’re surprised by the person-answer combination, don’t hesitate to ask a follow-up question to the player! Let the conversation flow freely from there and enjoy getting to know each other better.

Count scores

After your curiosity is satisfied, it’s time to count the scores. One point is given for each correct answer, high-stakes bets double scores.

A cup-shaped trophy designed with a star

Draw - talk - repeat - and win

Continue this for as many rounds as you like. In the end, the player who earns the most points wins - along with everyone who got to know each other better. Congratulations!

Get to know & connect with colleagues

Trust and psychological safety are the foundation of successful teams. You can foster these with a teambuilding activity using the deep questions ‘About Us’.

Icons of people around a table with one person standing at the head

Choose your setting.

This activity might work well as part of a workshop, in the evening of your company activity or even as a morning ritual at the office!

Outline of a person with a necktie holding a megaphone

Introduce the activity.

Depending on your culture and what feels right, invite the group for “the cozy part of the event” or keep it more formal.

A web-like structure with lines, dashes, small circles and a heart in the middle

Trust the process.

For the actual activity, use a similar process described on the explanation card “Conversation cards” and adapt it as you need.

Icons of two persons giving each other a high five

Listen and enjoy.

With each team member given the opportunity to speak about what’s important to them as well as to listen to their teammates’ stories, understanding and connections will thrive.

Form stronger bonds with your friends

The deep questions ‘About Us’ can spark and facilitate conversations that give insight into each other’s thoughts and feelings, values, beliefs and past experience – the fun way of getting to know someone better!

Outline of a padded chair and a potted plant on a plant holder next to it

Set up a cozy environment. Get everyone a beverage of their choice. Sit in a (kind of) circle so all players can see each other well.

The "OPEN" sign on stores

Set an atmosphere of curiosity, openness and acceptance – by introducing these attitudes and also by modelling them yourself.

Outline of a hand holding an ID

The player in turn picks a random card. They read out the question and then pass the card to the player they’d like to answer. Give them all the time they need to answer – if they want to answer.

Icons of two persons sharing a hug

If it feels right, have other players comment and share their thoughts as well. If not, simply have another round and enjoy the process.

What the co-creator says

I’ve lived abroad many years and even if I would like to keep up with the lives of my friends, it was not always easy. We used to organize a dinner for Christmas where we created a sort of game or had some funny ideas to spend the evening together. During one of these evenings this game was born: we created a few questions and played to guess who has given which answer. It happened to be entertaining, surprising and a great conversation starter. We spent hours talking with less than ten questions.

Together with metaFox, we created a good selection of questions and a professional version of this game, which I expect can contribute in groups of friends, colleagues or families to engage in deep conversations, ask meaningful questions, get to know each other better and have fun together. Sometimes it is difficult to go out from the roles and expectations that we have in the circle of friends and family and we just act as people expect. For these cases, this is a good tool to show what is really inside you. I encourage you to use the questions in creative ways, make the rules your own to fit your group better and to add questions as you feel!

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