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Spark meaningful sharing in your next online workshop!

Get people to talk about what matters

Talking about group processes, daily struggles or personal goals online isn't always easy. metaFox online helps your remote team to openly speak their mind, get creative or bond during an online workshop.

Application 1

Connect experience with images

metaFox online lets people connect with what matters to them with a picture. Deepen conversation with visual triggers: the power of projective methods gets you from a short “I am okay” to a new level of depth and discoveries.

How does it work?

  1. Go to
  2. Select your session goal.
  3. Choose a framing question.
  4. Share your session link.
  5. Have a conversation like never before.

When can metaFox online help?

Open virtual workshops & interactive webinars

Start your online workshop by having participants connect to their real-life experience – selecting an image which represents the topic. This provides the basis to share meaningful personal stories & experiences instead of general knowledge.

Retrospective of a remote team

Retrospectives are most effective when team members dig deep. Addressing personal challenges and sensitive topics in a remote team can be particularly challenging. Often the emotional connection and trust are missing. metaFox online eases the start of team conversations that matter – opening up team members for connecting on a deeper level.

Virtual teambuilding

Teams are most effective when team members care about one another. The basis for this is meaningful sharing of what matters to people inside and outside of work. metaFox online makes this happen by letting people connect personal experience with powerful pictures.

Online coaching

Every coach knows that images can be powerful anchors for visualising goals. This is also true in an online environment. Build your online coaching session on the basis of visual anchors – use images to help your coachees come up with compelling and picturesque goals!

Supporting communication, collaboration and creativity online.

How metaFox online works

Like for coaching cards on paper, there are various ways to empower people to speak with images. So the following suggestion should not limit you in your creativity - but be a guide to get started.

image/svg+xml 2

STEP 2 : What do you want to achieve?

Choose from the use cases presented.


STEP 3 : Pick a question

Guide your participant’s picture selection or create a new one.

image/svg+xml 4

STEP 4 : Invite your participants

Invite your participants by sharing a customised link.

image/svg+xml 5

STEP 5: everyone chooses an image

Have everyone choose an image which speaks to them - and makes them speak.


STEP 6 : Take turns presenting

Take turns presenting your picture - and enjoy connecting & learning about each other.

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What the users say

I’m so grateful to have metaFox online in these days. My participants & clients are enthusiastic. This weekend we had our General Assembly, also discussing online tools for supervision and coaching online. After three days of Zoom meeting, I moderated the wrap-up by using metaFox online. We were able to share 24 pictures and reflect what the 3 days had brought to the participants. Everybody was very enthusiastic and we were able to do it in 25 minutes. I love it.

Rejer Jan Supervisor, Workshop leader, Coach

I got myself a set of Deep Pictures for the 30th edition of BEST’s Trainer Camp, on which a new generation of soft-skill trainers was raised. Over 12 days, we were able to use the cards in all sorts of situations, be it in training sessions for reflecting upon experiences, for retrospectives at the end of each day or for stimulating thoughts during individual coaching. The highlight for our participants was, of course, that at the end of the event everyone could take home a card with the personal greetings of the remaining participants.

Soft Skills Trainer at BEST

A tool for developing skills for the 21st century

Communication & Collaboration

Deep conversations and personal connections facilitate experiential learning in individuals and among members of the group. With metaFox online’s visual tools, associations and metaphors help sharing openly and allow for meaningful exchanges and a more collaborative environment.

Creativity & Change Management

Thinking outside the box, coming up with a new approach to solving a problem and confidently responding to unprecedented changes are priceless skills in the digital age. Using visual triggers through picture cards, metaFox online helps its users to discover insights and resources within themselves and the group, ultimately fostering creative thinking and adaptability to change.

Self-Awareness & Emotional Intelligence

A developed sense of self and an understanding of one’s own emotions often correlates to one’s readiness for and resilience amidst the unique challenges of a 21st-century society. The personal and meaningful conversations triggered by metaFox online’s deep pictures help the learners gain knowledge of themselves and enhance their emotional intelligence.

Who is behind metaFox online?

metaFox provides coaching tools to spark authentic connection and meaningful conversation. We support trainers, coaches and educators in their work to empower people, teams and society to take ownership of what matters to them.